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Given that we are constantly occupied with visual design, we are constantly pierced by the thought - what is it that makes a post viral?  

Viral posts are not made by professionals. Why? Because it is for viral need opposition and a little nonsense. They are real, true nonsense and irrelevance.

Professional constant virality of posts requires good design.

We can only write about what is GOOD design only subjectively, that is why we do not write. As the saying goes - beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's not in the likes, or in the shares, or in the comments, it's just in the eye of the beholder. True. 

But good design alone is not enough. Not. A good quality and simply complicated design is simple MUST HAVE. Like water in soup. Like a cell phone battery. As a desktop monitor. What is missing?

Missing COPY.

What exactly is copy?

What is copy? Text. The sentences. Words. Signs. Hashtags. 

Sounds simple? Well, it's not. By no means.


There is no bad and there is no good copy for an individual post

There are no rules:


  1. about the length of the copy
  2. about separating copy lines
  3. about uppercase and lowercase copies 
  4. about the characters in the copy
  5. about the number of #hastags that change in parallel with changes with social media algorithms


And what exists and what stands?


The only truth is that the "writer" of the copy must connect the text with the image. Or not to connect it at all. So how is that? So that the best effect will sometimes be shorter, sometimes longer, sometimes bad, sometimes good copy. 

And now what? Hopefully?

No, copy itself comes from a combination. Sometimes the former has to be "bad" for the latter to turn out to be "good". Most often, the combination of very short (in 1 line) with medium long (in 3-4 lines) and very long (over 7 lines of text) leaves a professional impression, which is the goal, the goal to explain to viewers and readers some interesting, some service or a product, a brand announcement, and in a way that will, at least for a moment, distract the mentioned people from various everyday events.


No copy can compete with the tabloids. And it should not. The reality in which he copies simultaneous viewers, readers and passers-by from the target audience must be inserted and left there. Because they can solve a problem there. To learn something new. To order something. To feel something.

Made by Mladen Manojlović - CEO @Digitizer

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