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The current one is coming to an end, and the year 2024 is approaching. We have chosen 5 topics especially for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, what is in store for us in 2024 (no offense to Twitter X) and that is current, relevant and understandable.


  1. Live Video Advertising:   
    • The live video format will become crucial in advertising on Instagram.
    • Brands will increasingly rely on live sessions to communicate directly with their audience, providing authenticity and instant interaction.
    • Live ads will allow users to directly purchase products, ask questions or participate in events in real time.


  2. Shopping Experiences and Instant Checkout:
    • Instagram will continue to develop shopping experiences, offering brands the ability to directly sell products through the platform.
    • Instant Checkout options will speed up the shopping process, allowing users to purchase products directly from the Instagram app, creating a seamless user experience.


  3. Interactive Story Ads:
    • Story ads will develop towards more and more interactive forms.
    • Using elements like polls, quizzes and swipable options, brands will engage users in a new way.
    • These interactive story ads not only attract attention but also allow brands to collect valuable data about user behavior.


  4. Niche Influencer Marketing:
    • Influencer marketing will increasingly focus on niches.
    • Instead of big influencers, brands will work with smaller but highly dedicated influencers who are experts in certain fields.
    • This will create more authentic connections with the target audience and increase trust in advertising messages.


  5. Instagram AR Ads:
    • The development of Augmented Reality (AR) ads on Instagram will flourish.
    • Brands will use AR filters and effects to allow users to interactively try on products before purchasing.
    • This innovative approach will not only improve the user experience but also increase the conversion rate.



  1. Longer Forms of Video Content:
    • TikTok will become a platform that also supports longer video formats.
    • Brands will increasingly use TikTok to produce and share feature-length content, such as tutorials, series or stories, to meet users' growing demand for diverse video content.


  2. Brand Challenges and User Involvement:
    • Brand challenges will become even more important in advertising on TikTok.
    • Brands will create challenges that invite users to participate, share their creations and spread the brand's message.
    • This type of campaign creates not only engagement but also extends brand influence through the user community.


  3. Personalized and Interactive Filters:
    • Filters and effects will become key in advertising on TikTok.
    • Brands will create personalized filters that allow users to incorporate brand elements into their video content.
    • This creates an interactive experience and strengthens the connection between the brand and the user.


  4. Educational and Tutorial Contents:
    • TikTok will become a platform for sharing educational and tutorial content.
    • Brands will use short video formats to provide guides, tips and training to their audience.
    • This not only adds to the user experience but also helps brands become experts in their industry.


  5. TikTok as an E-commerce Platform:
    • TikTok will evolve into a powerful e-commerce platform.
    • Brands will be able to sell products directly through TikTok, using features such as a "Shop Now" button and direct links to online stores.
    • This will streamline the user journey from product discovery to purchase.



  1. Metaverse and Advertising:
    • In 2024, a stronger integration of metaverse into Facebook advertising is expected.
    • Brands will experiment with virtual spaces to create interactive campaigns.
    • Ads will appear in users' digital worlds, providing them with a unique experience and deepening the connection with the brand.


  2. Educational Content and Facebook Watch:
    • Facebook will become a key platform for educational video content.
    • Brands will increasingly use Facebook Watch to share informative and educational videos, targeting audiences looking for value and education.
    • This strategy will allow brands to build trust and authority in their industry.


  3. Augmented Reality (AR) in Interactive Advertising:
    • Facebook will further develop AR experiences in advertising.
    • Users will be able to try products or interact with brands through AR filters directly within the Facebook application.
    • This will increase engagement and allow users to personalize product experiences before they buy them.


  4. Data Privacy and Personalization:
    • Data privacy issues will continue to be in focus.
    • Facebook will continue to adjust its algorithms to comply with increasingly strict privacy standards.
    • Brands will increasingly rely on the proper collection and use of data to deliver personalized advertising while maintaining a high level of user trust.


  5. Social Responsibility and Community Building:
    • Facebook will encourage brands to focus on socially responsible advertising.
    • Companies will increasingly focus on building communities that share values.
    • Ads will emphasize social initiatives, sustainability and community support, contributing to a positive impact on society.


Made by Marko Božić – Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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