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The opportunities it offers Facebook Ads Manager when creating Facebook and Instagram ads are quite large. What is needed is to know all these functionalities, in order to get the most out of it. 

Are you wondering how to increase the number of conversions, the number of contacts in inbox, number of calls or generally achieve a better result? In the following text, you can find out what are the most common creation errors Facebook ads.


The most common mistakes when creating Facebook ads

See what are the most common mistakes when creating Facebook ads and make sure you don't do the same.


Wrong campaign type selection

Choosing the right type of campaign can be difficult, even if you are experienced in creating Facebook ads. The options may look similar and may have almost the same settings but each is actually different when you have a clear campaign goal. 

Choosing the wrong campaign type can completely disrupt your campaign results. The meta algorithm delivers ads to those people who are most likely to meet the goal you choose. That's why setting a clear goal is paramount here, so you can choose the right type of campaign afterwards.

For example. if the goal is to increase the number of visits to the site, it is necessary to choose Traffic campaign type. To increase the number of conversions, choose Conversions campaign type, etc. 

screenshot from the Meta Business Suite control panel

Choosing the wrong budget option

In many cases, including Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) can simplify your campaign and improve your results. With CBO, you don't have to set budgets for each set of ads individually, but the budget is set at the campaign level and allows Meta algorithm to optimize it according to ad sets. If you're not sure how much you want to spend on each set of ads, this automated option is ideal.

screenshot from the Meta Business Suite control panel

However, when a campaign contains multiple sets of ads with different audiences, CBO isn’t exactly the best choice. Using CBO in this case can result in much higher budget spending on large target groups and neglect of smaller target groups. This means that one part of the target group will barely see the ad, while the other can see it much more often.

To ensure that each ad set spends an appropriate amount, you need to turn off the CBO and adjust your ad set budget instead. In this way, there is greater control over the consumption and delivery of ads and so the desired results can be achieved.


Add Multiple Calls to Action (CTA)

Whether you work remarketing or coming to a new audience, it’s not always easy to focus on one CTA. For example, you might want to encourage people to shop and learn more about products, or you might want to invite them to read customer reviews. Although each of these calls to action seems important, they should not appear in the same ad.

If the same ad contains multiple calls to action, you are likely to confuse your audience. 

Choose one call to action that points to the main goal of the campaign. Then repeat the same CTA wherever necessary.


Wrong linking

In addition to seeing the ad, in most cases it is desirable for the audience to do something else on that ad. Whether it's an extra click to read the news, download something or buy a product, if you send them to the wrong address, you will probably be left without the desired goal.

You should almost never use a homepage link because it is a general page with no clear purpose. Instead, you should set up a link to a page that is in line with your campaign goals. For example, if the goal is sales, the link should lead to a page where products or a specific product are located. 

Before adjusting all your campaign settings, write down what the main goal of the campaign is, go through all the settings, and finally put yourself in the role of the target group. See how it all looks from a different perspective, to make sure your ads are quality, and whether to convert or meet your goal.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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