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Video is a powerful advertising tool, which we wrote about here and in 2021 continues to dominate all other content placed on social networks. The fact is that quality video content increases interaction and the impact of video ads on the decisions of potential customers and clients is huge.

Proof of all this is also Instagram Reels which has recently become available in Serbia as well. From the moment it appeared, this type of video content literally flared up Instagram, which can be easily noticed. Just have it Instagram profile.


What is the impact of video ads on user decisions?

Given the overall situation around the pandemic, which has been with us since 2020, more and more brands are switching their services online, so there is no doubt that the habits of users and consumers have changed.

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The research he conducted Animoto brings us interesting information about the impact of video ads on consumers. They singled out a few key facts:


  • 93% of users stated that video content greatly influences the decision to purchase a product.
  • Video content is their favorite type of content on social media.
  • Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are TOP 3 platforms for searching for new products or services.
  • When they come across a new product, users prefer to watch the video content, rather than a textual explanation of the product or service.


How does video change the user experience?

The way consumers buy has changed drastically in 2020. As a result, many businesses have switched to online. All those who have long recognized the importance online presence, they now noticeably see the significance digital media and communication. Especially if they were smart and meaningful in online activities and "nurtured" their users.

Animoto then comes to the following conclusions, based on the survey:


  • 74% of users say they participate in the interaction via Instagram story.
  • 40% of users are buying more this year than last, through ads on social networks.
  • 93% of users say that video content is very helpful when making a decision to buy a product.
  • 71% of users make a purchase of a product or service after watching some video content on social networks.
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How to stand out from the rest?

- Use vertical video content that matches Instagram history, Reels, IGTV

Based on the information from the beginning of this blog, this is completely clear. The content of the vertical type is Friendly for users and is much easier to "absorb".

- Customize the content of the platform.

Story, Reels, IGTV imply vertical content (although especially on IGTV you may also notice the horizontal format video, try to keep it vertical). YouTube video should definitely be landscape - horizontal format.

- Try A / B testing.

Two or more different video ads will give you the opportunity to see which content users like best. 

- Start with the best content right away.

Don't wait long to release the video that you think is best. If you give a certain discount on a product or service, emphasize it immediately. The attention of users on social networks is expensive.

Go through all the services or products you offer and imagine what the best way would be to present them in the form of video content. If in doubt, try several variants. And don't skimp on creating video content because it's proven to deliver results.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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