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If you've ever had a relationship with digital marketing, website design and the internet in general, chances are you’ve heard of PAS. And if you haven't Administrative staff is a marketing formula for successfully presenting a product or service.

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What is PAS in online marketing?

Administrative staff is an abbreviation of Problem - Agitate - Solve and is one of the best formulas for persuasion. This model leads you to put yourself in the position of the audience, that is. your customers. One of the best ways to do this is to talk about a problem with a potential client. This means that you have already done research and found out what problem they are facing. 


Don't make a mistake in the steps

The first step is to describe the problem clearly, using simple terms. This attracts the reader's attention and gives you the opportunity to show that you sympathize with him. In fact, people usually look for a solution to something that is a problem for them. If you are the one who will offer a solution to this problem, you are well on your way to gaining another satisfied client.

In the second step describe the problem in detail and state the reasons why it negatively affects your client's life. This step in Administrative staff formula is the most important, because it triggers emotion in the reader. It is important to give the problem a dimension, to make it tangible, because it shows that you understand the situation in which the potential client is. It is interesting that although this step is the most important, it often happens that copywriters ignore it, using only the first and last step in the process.

To lead the client to action, ie. To convince him that your product or service is the right solution to his problem, you need to keep the following in mind:


  • which problem the product solves
  • why someone would need a product
  • whether the potential customer is already using the product you are offering
  • what he likes (and dislikes) about that product.
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If you have the answers to these questions, the process of thinking and persuading can begin.

The third step it means offering you a solution to that problem.

As a copywriter, it is important to understand readers (potential customers) and to know what problem is bothering them, what questions they will ask about your product or service. It is important to support them in solving this problem by offering the perfect solution.


Write like a third grader

Here is an interesting fact! Application Boomerang tested what makes a good email. The result surprised them quite a bit. Emails written as if they were written by a third-grader received the best feedback. You can read more about this here


When writing, one of the most important things is to understand you. This means using simple terminology, writing short and understandable sentences. Also, try to provoke emotion with your text. Show how your product is exactly what the customer expected as a perfect and so obvious solution to his problem.

Why is PAS one of the best persuasion formulas? It is very simple - we all want to avoid some kind of "pain", that is. "Suffering", whether it is a mild headache or a taxi call. If we have a headache, we will take a headache medicine, if we can't find a free taxi, we will install an application that will help us with that. 

We all love good stories. We like to hear about people who have overcome the challenges ahead and who have succeeded. Sometimes we identify with them. Write a good story using the PAS formula, because we are sure you can show how your product has helped someone.


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Made by Ana Korolija - Senior Copywriter @Digitizer

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