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People love stories. We are all made for stories. Stories are what connect us. They transcend time, space, reality. They have shaped us since our earliest childhood. We love interesting, inspiring, instructive, witty stories. From prehistory and cave drawings of buffalo hunting (or today's interpretation of hunting a woman with a club), people love them. They affect us on an emotional, empathic level. Stories move us to think and to act.

This is the reason for the importance of storytelling - in a well-designed marketing campaign. The story is what does not affect the rational part of the human brain, but the instinctive, emotional part, which is much more impulsive and stronger than the rational. Let us clarify.

How does storytelling affect my brand?

As we have already said, people love stories. Emotional decision-making has a much greater impact on decision-making than figures and facts.


And there is no mystery here. There is also a scientific explanation for something like this: kupci are primarily guided by emotions - feelings and experience, rather than factual information, such as the quality of the brand and the content it represents. 


The emotional response to advertising is much more influential on the client’s decision to purchase a particular productrather the content of the advertisement and the facts we present.

Interest me! Here is the key point of good storytelling. Our brains are constantly looking for stories. People spend a third of the waking part of the day daydreaming and daydreaming. This stops the moment we get a good story that occupies our attention.


It is much easier for people to remember a story than dry facts and data. This happens because the human brain does not differentiate between listening / reading a story and actually participating in it. In both cases, similar neurological centers were stimulated.

Be interesting, authentic, lucid…

Of course, the question arises - how to find a good story? This is the answer. Find a good story. Stories are all around us. And your brand certainly has a story of its own, it's up to you to find it.

To get started, answer the following questions:

What are you offering?

KWhat is your brand about?

How are you different from others?

If you want your story to have an impact, you need to base it on understanding your clientele. What motivates them, what are their needs, goals, dreams and aspirations? That is why this is the initial step. This is where the beginning of any good story begins.


Your story must have a good "bait". The answers to the previous questions will definitely help you define the right "bait". What is it that will motivate your target audience? Once you define that, you will have a foundation on which to develop the story.


The best stories and ideas usually come from the clients themselves. Listen to your audience. Clients are the best source of good stories. Their stories are credible (they really happened!), It's easy to connect with them, and you won't have to put too much effort into writing them. You can use them in integral form, or use them feedback in creating a story that is based on reality.

Once upon a time there was one….

When you find your story, it's time to tell it. The point is to tell it in the most striking way, which will affect your customers the most.


Be authentic! Above all, people value honesty and authenticity. Stick to the main message of your brand. Emphasize how you meet the needs, solve the problems of your clients. Let the audience easily identify the main character of your story with your brand and its values.

Every good story has a beginning, a plot, a solution and an end. Stories about the brand are no different from that. Let your story have a good pace. Bring it in piece by piece, keeping the audience in constant anticipation and eager to read on. On the other hand, don't be too extensive. Let the format be adapted to the channel you are addressing. Make it easy to read and share.

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