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It is known that Instagram Story has experienced great popularity since it appeared and has successfully maintained that popularity for several years. One can often notice some novelties within Instagram stories, such as new ones sticker, gifs, various filters and the like because users would certainly not be interested if they could not beautify Story or make it more interesting before publishing. Instagram Story drafts is just one of those newspapers.

Recently appeared and Instagram Reels so we'll see if he overtakes in the next period Instagram Story in popularity because it is a very similar content format.

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Instagram Story - what news is expected?

Instagram has recently announced that it will include the option to save the created story - story drafts, so you can post later by simply visiting the section for draft.

It is safe to say that this is a long-awaited option. Instagram confirms this claim, and so is the opinion of the content creator on Instagram-in because this option saves time and publishes a pre-planned story at the appropriate time.

You can see how this option will be available in the photo below.

screen image from the story draft option

What advantage will the new option have?

The main advantage is that you will be able to make stories when you have the most time and save them as draft, only to enter later when needed draft section and published.

For all those who are wondering now - have we not always been able to save story on the phone so we can post later? Yes, you are right but it is impossible to save story in the same form as on Instagram

For example, if you did a survey or quiz as part of a story and just saved it on your phone, later when you want to publish, you will have to waste time doing the survey or quiz again. Also the location, tag or hashtag that you entered will not be clickable and will need to be re-entered.

With this new option, there will be no big waste of time because all the saved stories will be in draft section can be published in one click, with all its previously entered items (quiz, location, hashtag, etc.)

Instagram has not yet announced when exactly this option will be available, but it is important that it is expected to be very useful. Follow the events within the application and what comes with its new update.

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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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