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Instagram is known to be constantly working to improve the user experience and often surprises us with some new add-on that can benefit all users. Mostly it will be a positive change because the platform is like that Instagram does a lot of research into user needs before introducing any new option within the platform.


Live Stream Scheduling

We recently received great news from Instagram-and, and what exactly it is about, you can find out below the blog.

Instagram has added a new option as part of the live inclusion scheduling app. In addition to the fact that the user will be able to share the scheduled live in the form of a post, followers will be able to include a reminder in the announcement to receive notification on the day of the live broadcast.

The user will be able to schedule live inclusion up to 90 days in advance from Live composer, which may contain a description live-a, as well as tags for products (if the user has them and promotes them) that open a new possibility that you will read below.

You can see exactly what it looks like in the post below.



Check out this post on the Instagram app


A post shared by Creators is given


What Instagram actually wants to develop is buying products live - live stream shopping events, that is, encouraging and increasing purchases within the platform. Tik Tok is also exploring the same possibility, after they achieved success with live shopping in China.

Live trade in China has gained so much popularity that in less than 5 years it has transformed into a retail industry and proved to be a major sales channel. In a survey conducted in 2020, two-thirds of Chinese consumers said they bought products through live stream.

The potential for this way of selling is huge and that is why Instagram and Tik Tok they want to appropriate a part of the future market in time. It is estimated that sales via live inclusion could account for 10-20% of total online purchases by 2026. (McKinsey).

The new option of scheduling live inclusion on Instagram prepares the ground for the mentioned possibility. Users can set a reminder as part of the announcement for live inclusion and thus prepare for the purchase.

This may not seem like a big discovery at the moment, but after all of the above, this possibility could mark the beginning of a big novelty in the online store.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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