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To Google indexed every important page of the site, it is necessary to give the best possible guidelines and make them as easy as possible to find. After site development XML Sitemap lists all the content and pages on it, ensuring that they Google it can find and index everything, and also helps him understand the structure of the site. Google je XML Sitemap first introduced in 2005.

Sitemap-e are known as inclusion protocols URL-this because they advise search engines on what to search for. They are in conflict with the files robots.txt which are the exclusion protocol, because it tells search engines what not to index. Notifies search engines about pages on the site that are available for search. In case the site does not exist XML Sitemap this is not considered a mistake by the search engine, but a mistake Sitemapis recommended because it can improve SEO.

Why use an XML Sitemap?

At the end of each row in Sitemap-you will notice the date. This speaks Google-when each post was last updated and helps you in Search Engine Optimization- Because you want to Google search for your updated content as soon as possible. When the date changes and Google received information that there is new content that can be searched and indexed. Around that Sitemap lists all URLs from the site. And that includes pages that search engines wouldn't be able to find without a map. It gives search engines signals which pages should be given priority and thus the advantage of indexing. You can also add a tag that says which pages are most important. Google the bots will thus first focus on the priority pages.

You can also add two more optional tags that will pass additional information to search engines to help them search your website location. First, lastmod notifies them when the page last changed. Second, "changefreq" talks about how often the page will be changed.

Add an XML Sitemap to a site

Adding XML Sitemap-and it can be helpful to check if it is Google indexed all the pages on your site. If there is a large difference in the number of "submitted" and "indexed" pages on a particular Sitemap-u, you should check if there is any error on the site.

If you have a very large site, sometimes it is necessary to share the index map of the site. One XML Sitemap is limited to 50 URLs. In the case of large sites that exceed this number of pages, another is added XML Sitemap. For smaller sites you can use XML Sitemap Generator It allows you to define how often your pages are updated and which modified date is used. Once the generator made Sitemap, you have to upload- ovati u root site domain. If you have a site made in WordPressin Yoast Plugin this job makes it very easy.

What to include in an XML Sitemap?

Include in your Sitemap pages (which include posts) that are important to the site. These are pages that have high quality content and are more likely to bring more organic traffic to the site.

Exclude pages with duplicate content as well as those with 'thin content'. Be sure to make sure yours XML Sitemap contains a field that shows the time of the last change, a value that Google-u provides information about when the page was last modified. This is useful in cases where you want to Google re-index some pages of the site.

XML Sitemap is useful for any site. Every site needs to Google could easily find the most important pages and know when they were last updated.

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Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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