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Many will probably think at first "Yes, here is another social network, who will follow it all." However Pinterest it should not be taken so lightly, especially due to the fact that it has existed since March 2010 and currently has over 450 million monthly active users worldwide (it is possible that the number has changed by the time you read this blog). And if leaders like Facebook-a i Instagram-a hard to follow, Pinterest is a different approach to a tool that can bring "freshness" to your daily activities and business. With this blog, we will try to explain how.

a tablet in the hands of a man on whose screen is a pinterest application

Why use Pinterest?

In a private sense, you will probably find a good recipe, how to make something, how to dress or how to decorate an apartment. However in business terms Pinterest is a powerful tool in finding new ideas especially in marketing, design and other creative jobs. In short, it’s a way to practically collect and categorize the things you need, that interest you, and that you love.

Users of this network, or as they are popularly called "pins", can research the interests, ie the content of other pins and save them for some of the current or future projects. I can also follow others account-e, brands or themes. It seems the same as with other social networks, only with help Pinterest-and you do not do it through their posts, but through the content that interests them.



How Pinterest offers its distinctive interface, it may seem confusing at first, but you will easily and quickly get used to knowing a few basic terms:


are built on? - are built on? is a basic element of any profile that represents a particular category of your interest. Your bulletin board or board is a virtual space that you fill with pictures or videos from a certain category. You can post as many on your profile boardYou want this.

Pins - So if users fill out their own board-s with content that is relevant to that category or topic, those images and videos are in fact pins. The source for your pins can be alone Pinterest, content downloaded from the Internet or original content created by you. Each pin can contain an image, video, link and description. You can send interesting pins to friends.

repin - When a user sets a pin from another pin to his own board then it is a turnip. Something like share in other social networks.


Business application of Pinterest

In business terms, large companies are unlikely to get as much as smaller companies that go through Pinterest they can harness the potential in terms of promoting their products or services through compelling content.

That means with help Pinterest-and you can increase brand awareness.

It is already quite clear that it is important for the marketing of any company or brand to be as present on the Internet as possible. Although not yet as popular as some other channels, Pinterest can help you spread awareness about your brand. In addition to the logo, product description or service, business users with interesting content can add a link to the website on each pin and thus increase traffic. Which again means that every visitor of your profile quickly turns into a potential customer respectively lead. As internet users actively research with the intention of finding a solution, it can also direct them to buy it instead.

To be completely honest, create an account and spread your content by Pinterest-u may take some time before results. Yet a not so negligible fact is that Pinterest is another platform where you can promote your brand or site for free.



As unlike some other networks, content on Pinterest never becomes obsolete, it should be made more accessible to search engines. Pinterest is like Instagram-a primarily a visual platform, but carefully selected titles or descriptions boardThese can be equally important. You use key words which you have already applied on the site and transfer them to your strategy for Pinterest.

In the end, speaking from personal experience, just because it is Pinterest a visual platform, for us it is often an inexhaustible source of inspiration. When researching to create logo, color palette or typography Pinterest proved to be a very useful tool.


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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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