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We recently wrote about a newspaper that came with one of the latest updates facebook business suite-a, which relate to automatic publishing and scheduling Story-I.

How Facebook is constantly working to improve the user experience but also the experience of administrators and users Facebook-of these service delivery tools, meanwhile redesigned dashboards facebook business suite-and. 


What is Facebook Business Suite?

It is a platform within Facebookwhich appeared in September 2020 with the aim of making it easier for businesses to manage pages and profiles on Facebook-ui Instagram-and that within one platform.

This means that you can post on at the same time Facebook-ui Instagram-and also be connected to followers from both platforms. You can manage notifications, messages, comments, as well as follow analytics from one place.

screenshot iy facebook control panel

Given that a similar platform in the frame Facebook-and it already exists and it's called Creator Studio, which we have written about many times, in one of the following blogs we will write about the difference between these two platforms. For now, we dwell on facebook business suite-u.



When you click on Create a post on the left side of the new window that opened there are the following options. Within investments there is a choice of platform for respect (Facebook i Instagram), then text input, visual selection, and location input. You can choose photo, video or create video on the platform itself, with limited options offered by the platform. 

On the right side of the window there is an overview of the announcement, ie. what it will look like when you set it up, as well as the ability to enter a link and enable the option Get messages. You can set the post immediately, schedule it for a later period, or save it as a draft.

screenshot from the Meta Business Suite control panel

What are the other important options within the platform?

  • View all notifications
  • Inbox section that includes unified Messenger (Facebook inbox) of the Instagram DM, as well as comments from both platforms
  • The section for posts and stories, within which there is an overview of all already posted posts, scheduled posts, as well as those in draft. It is possible to filter posts by platform, as well as the time of publication or scheduling.
  • Calendar of announcements 
  • View all Ads
  • Analytics 


A mobile app is also available - Business suite, which contributes a lot to the administration of pages and profiles on social networks.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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