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Since he appeared Instagram Reels, as Instagram's response to the massive popularity of videos on to TikTok, this type of publication has experienced expansion, with a continuous upward trend.

As you can see, since the appearance of this type of post, Instagram has pushed the use of Reels more, giving it a much larger reach compared to a simple video or photo post. 

One of the latest information from Instagram is precisely about the Reels post, and it refers to the fact that every published video that is shorter than 15 minutes will be directly posted as a Reel post. In addition to this newspaper, another big one appeared, which we will write about below.


Sponsoring Instagram Reels posts

Sponsorship of this type of post has not been possible for a long time. Many wondered why this was so, and probably one of the reasons was the algorithm's focus on the natural reach of Reels posts and Instagram's desire to motivate users and creators to make as interesting Reels posts as possible, in order to keep the attention of other users and keep them as long as possible in within the application.

As explained by Instagram, Reels is the fastest growing format and a very important part of Instagram. More and more people are watching Reels to have fun, to learn more about their interests or to discover new things. As of recently, business profiles can sponsor their Reels posts, reach new users and followers, and increase engagement.

As with other post types, Reels will now have an option boost in the lower part of the announcement, which leads through a faster promotion process. It could now be a good way to artificially create viral trends (if you're lucky), which until now have been created organically. 

Sponsored Reels posts will appear in feed, stories, Reels feed and Explore feed to reach the desired users in multiple ways.

To be eligible for a Reels post sponsorship, the video must be less than 60 seconds and of course in a 9:16 aspect ratio, i.e. full-screen vertical format, like a Story. Those Reels posts that use copyrighted music, GIFs, interactive stickers, or certain camera filters will not be eligible for sponsorship.

Sponsoring Reels content could be a good way to reach new desired followers, and as Instagram notes, it's the fastest growing content format on the app. The fact is, the success of your sponsored Reels posts will be determined by the quality of the content you put out and how well you understand what your target audience wants to see.

So, while it could be a valuable tool for increasing your reach and reaching new potential users, be careful about promoting those Reels posts that aren't getting much attention organically either. Bad Reels probably won't help promote the business, even if it reaches a large number of users. 

Pay attention to the statistics of organic Reels posts and sponsor those posts that have already made a good organic result. The same goes for new Reels posts. We suggest that you do not sponsor a new Reels post immediately, but after a few days, when you have insight into the statistics.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer