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It may not be nice to hear, but at the end of the story, people don't really care what you sell. All they care about is that their problems are solved, and your products or services are simply a means to solve those problems. How to solve customer problems can actually answer the question of what is the best marketing strategy.

Some of the most successful and satisfied entrepreneurs were obsessive in solving the problems of their customers. Once they figured out how to do it, they could indulge in making their own campaigns. It's easy to fall into the trap of making eye-catching ads that don't really provide any value to customers. The secret of marketing lies in learning exactly what a customer wants and how their decisions can be influenced by buying a product rather than a competitive one.

How to solve customer problems to mutual satisfaction?

Your customers often do not know how to solve their problems, but they do know what problems they are looking for solutions to. Show them that you have the answer they are looking for and that you are an expert in removing their sore spot. That's really all you need to do.

What do you decide?

Customers and customers want to know how your product can help them solve the problem. In general, people think that their needs are unique and therefore the solution must be unique. A communication message tailored to unique needs is much more effective than a general description of your company or product or service offering. And more importantly, communication based on the real needs of clients begins to build relationships.


Finding these problems and then finding good solutions to them and answering the question of how to solve client problems requires a well-planned and organized effort. Top professionals know that when they find significant, burning customer problems, they will be ready to pay for the solution. Finding these significant problems actually means sorting out customers who are willing and willing to buy from those who are not. The critical success factor is how to market your problem-solving skills, so that people know what you can do for them, and how they can save time, money or effort by using your solutions.


Identify the problem, analyze the problem, identify decision-making criteria, develop multiple solutions, choose the optimal solution. Steps that need to be taken on the path of quality acquaintance with the needs of clients. What makes a client feel a problem? Can the customer define the problem? These are just some of the issues on the way to recognizing and devising a solution to a customer problem. And thus solutions for your successful business.

Ask customers

It is important that you map the customer's path before initiating content creation efforts. If you don't map it, your content will be less effective and you will struggle to attract customers. User path mapping will guide your efforts to create quality content. In the end, the content will help you create a stronger community with your customers, and ideally they should be the ones to spread the word about your products and services.


Find a way to change the context in which competition will become irrelevant and bring value that will set you apart from everyone else. Ask your customers. They will give you the best answer to what their challenges are, and more importantly what problem you are solving for them. You can also conclude this by analyzing what people are typing into search engines. What are the questions they are looking for an answer to and a solution to?


If you want someone to buy your product or service, you will have to satisfy some need - solve the problem. Otherwise, all your efforts will not yield proportional results.

Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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