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Social networks have slowly but surely become the main channel of communication among people around the world. Precisely for that reason, they have become interesting for the placement of advertising content, promotion of businesses and brands. On the other hand, for all those involved in designing and setting up advertising campaigns, social networks are a constant challenge. Algorithm changes, search trends, introduction of new content. 

These are just some of the factors that affect the fact that we constantly have to reconsider and adjust our strategy to the new circumstances. For that reason, the statics of using social networks is very important. It allows us to plan ahead and to anticipate and anticipate some changes and thus avoid negative consequences for our campaigns.

Social Network Statistics '19

- According to the latest data, 3.2 billion people are active users of social networks, and as many as 4.2 billion have an open account on one of the social networks. These numbers alone show that the market that is present on social networks is huge and that there are certainly your future clients.


- Every second, 11 new users register on one of the social networks, which means 86,400 new potential clients on a daily basis.


- Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. People spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media during the day. Enough time to attract the attention of potential customers.


-         Facebook is still the ruler of the market; Facebook holds the lead with 2.32 billion registered users. The only two sites visited are YouTube on the other and of course Google on first place.


- In recent years, they have been the main star of social media marketing Instagram Stories, which have experienced a huge increase in the last two years, from 150 million to 500 million (January 2019)


- Two thirds of people from marketing said that they would spend most of their budget for 2019 on Instagram. That is 6 times more than the runner-up YouTube with 11%.


- More than 500 million people are active on Instagram every day.

More interesting data

- Recent studies have shown that people between the ages of 55-64 are twice as likely to interact with you on social media than those under 25.


- Social networks are a channel available to everyone regardless of the size of your business and budget. 81% of small businesses are represented in some way in advertising on social networks.


- It is three times more likely that those who have not yet been your customers will visit your ad on social networks than those who have already been your customers.


- Consumers on Web-they rely heavily on the opinion and recommendation of influencers. Over 50% of people said they made the decision based on the opinion of influencers. People connect with influencers and, more importantly, trust them.


- Your appearance on social networks must be optimized for mobile devices. 91% of social network users access their accounts over the phone.


- About 54% of users make a judgment about your product or service based on impressions from social networks. Positive or negative comments or recommendations are what will affect whether they will convert.


- Recent studies have shown that as many as 71% of social network users will recommend you to their friends or give a positive rating if they have had a good experience. So make sure you have happy and satisfied customers, and in return you will get great free advertising.


- Try to make it as easy as possible to convert on your accounts and to instill as much security as possible in money transactions when buying from you. 49% of respondents cited this as the most important factor for them.

We have singled out some of the most impressive data for us. We hope you can use some data to optimize your campaigns in the best possible way and maximize your business results.



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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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