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Social media marketing it is not just an attempt to send off a random rush of people who come and then disappear without a trace - leaving only a void as a testimony!


Actually, social media marketing is a highly measurable thing, full of analytics, statistics, behaviors and trends among users. Everything is monitored on the Internet, from the optimal time for engagement (engagement), likes and reactions, click attraverso rates-a, to demography and referral (referring) to traffic.


There are many tracking statistics, many of which are overlooked by marketers. Although social networks are constantly improving and changing, social media statistics can be useful for any marketing strategy.

Why are social media statistics important?

An interesting fact from 2017 is that the range of attention of social network users dropped by up to 8 seconds for users of most social networks. Knowing about this change in the length of attention that users pay to the content, marketers were able to "weigh" their videos, as well as the entire presentation.


The number of social network users is on the rise every day, so why miss the information you need to reach them?


Creating content in 2018 that will reach a large number of them is certainly something that will be important for your business.


This is a new opportunity to develop and repair yours online Marketing strategies using statistics, and thus improve your social media marketing.

Use the full potential of social media marketing using this information:

Trends to consider

Useful information should be borne in mind: the world's population is 7.6 billion, of which as many as 4.1 billion people use the Internet.

Social networks in general

  • Almost half of the world's population (3.03 billion) uses some of the social networks.
  • 64% online customers say the video on social media helped them decide to buy something.
  • Only 43% online the store had a significant influx of traffic from its social networks.
  • Awareness is key: 77% of Twitter users value a brand more if their tweet is answered. On average, they are answered within 10 hours, although clients want an answer within 4 hours.
  • Content marketing is a priority for B2B businesses immediately after building the brand engagement (engagements) on social networks.
  • 59% of adults between the ages of 18 and 29 use it Instagram.
  • Users on Facebook-they spend an average of 20 minutes or one of six minutes spent online.
  • 57 billion YouTube users watch an average of 5 billion videos a day. Of the 2.1 billion profiles on Facebook- 270 million are fake profiles.
  • 86% of women will consult social networks before buying something.
  • 69% of people access social networks via mobile devices.
  • 89% of people use apps on smartphones, while only 11% of them use standard sites. It's no big surprise that it is Facebook most popular application with 19% representation (measured by the time spent on the application)
  • 57% of all mobile users will not recommend a business if their mobile site is poorly designed and slow
  • 40% of mobile users are looking for a local business
  • Mobile search sites that load in 5 seconds or less will have a 70% longer session duration than their slower competition


  • Total number of monthly active users: 800 million.
  • Total number of daily active users: 500 million.
  • Users who use daily Instagram Stories: 300 million.
  • Number of photos published to date: over 40 billion.
  • Number of businesses present at Instagram-u: 25 million.
  • Daily number of likes on Instagram-in: 4.2 billion.
  • Number of published photos on a daily basis: 95 million, compared to last year's 70 million.
  • 68% of users Instagram-and they are women.
  • 32% of all internet users use it Instagram.
  • 38% of women and 26% of men who use the Internet use it Instagram
  • 17% of teenagers say they are Instagram the most important application.
  • It is expected that Instagram this year it earns $ 5 billion from advertising.
  • 200 million users every day Instagramand visit some of the business profiles
  • Posts with at least one hashtag-om have 12.6% more engagement-and.
  • When it is Instagram introduced video, 5 million videos were hung in the first 24 hours.
  • Instagram the video is twice as big engagement (engagement) from photography.


  • Total number of monthly active users: 2.072 billion.
  • Total number of monthly active users on the mobile device: 1.66 billion.
  • Total number of daily active users on the desktop computer: 1.368 billion.
  • Total number of daily active users on the mobile device: 1.57 billion.
  • Women represent 53% Facebook users, and men 47%.
  • Facebook users have an average of 155 friends.
  • 56% of users over the age of 65 are on Facebook, and 63% of users are between the ages of 50-64.
  • 87% of internet users aged 18-29 are on Facebook-u.
  • More than 40 million small businesses have active sides Facebook-u.
  • Percentage of users between the ages of 18-34 who check in the morning Facebook is 48%.


  • Total number of monthly active users: 330 million.
  • Total daily tweets: 500 million.
  • Percentage of users Twitter-a on mobile devices: 80%.
  • Number of daily active users Twitter-a: 100 million.
  • 24% of all male internet users use it Twitter, as well as 21% of all female users.
  • 37% of Twitter users are between the ages of 19-29, 25% of users are between the ages of 30-49.
  • Total engagement (engagement) with advertisements is increasing by as much as 91% from year to year.
  • More than 100 million tweets contained GIFs as early as 2015.


  • The total number of LinkedIn users: 500 million.
  • Total number of monthly active users: 250 million.
  • Percentage of users using LinkedIn daily: 40%
  • Number of new users LinkedIn-a per second: 2.
  • 57% of users are men, 44% are women.
  • 13% of users are aged between 15-34 years.
  • 28% of all male internet users use it LinkedIn, and 27% of all female users

Now you know

Statistics can give us important insight and direct action that can help devise an effective advertising plan. We can track all the important numbers for our business and mark the most important ones that we will focus on our marketing strategy. Take advantage of them and you will be able to improve every business plan and achieve greater success.


However, keep in mind that customers are not statistics, customers are people, so treat them that way, trying to provide the best possible service or service to your customers.


For every question or service related to your internet appearance and advertising, there is an experienced Digitizer team that is ready to help you.

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