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Social media and marketing on them are powerful weapons in the hands of every business, in an attempt to gain as many customers as possible. Good social networking strategy can bring great success to your business, creating loyal supporters of your brand. It can also bring you potential new customers and conversions.

Social networking strategy

We bring you tips on how to make social networks work for you and which one is profitable social networking strategy.

Shoot straight into the center

The first step of any strategy is to determine crystal clear what your goals are. As much as this may seem like a default item to you, you would be surprised at how few people have clearly defined goals when creating a strategy.

Make your goals realistic and achievable. By setting realistic goals for yourself, you will be able to stick to the original plan and continue to jump over obstacles one by one.

It is also advisable to limit yourself to those social networks and channels that would best suit your brand. Try not to complicate the story with too many goals and targets to shoot.

Remember to document your strategy. Not only will it be a benchmark for you to assess where you are at the moment, but it will also increase your chances of achieving your goals. According to some people's data who have their goals written down are 30 times more successful of those who do not have them.

Meet your audience

What is the biggest influence on you when deciding on a purchase? How do you decide on your favorite clothing brand, favorite restaurant…? What factors are your trigger?

Always think that there are people like you on the other side. Your audience has its expectations, its needs and reasons, its triggers. Take advantage of the great opportunities that insights into analytics and demographics provide the social network. Explore which social networks best correlate with your goals.

By getting to know the habits and expectations of the target audience, it will be much easier for you to address them in the right way at the right time. That is why this is a very important segment in the implementation of the strategy and the design of the marketing plan.

All in good time

Your marketing strategy must be well timed. Required the item is to have a calendar and schedule of scheduled posts. When you have it planned in advance content it will make it easier for you to manage your campaigns and you will not run into time deadlocks.

Frequent posting of content that is not of good quality or at the wrong time will certainly negatively affect your appearance on the Internet as well as the possibility commitment-and with your posts. And given that organicreach on social networks it is decreasing more and more, due to changes in the algorithm, setting a good strategy is crucial.

Follow the metrics consistently

Have your marketing team hold a consulting meeting where everyone will decide together what needs to change. Changes can certainly be painful, but they are inevitable. The critical thing in this world of constant change is to have different methods and channels to reach your clients: SEO, social networks, SEM, paid advertising, e-mail, etc. This way yours KPI will not be immediately compromised by changes implemented by any platform.

Quality, quality, quality

Invest in quality content. Quality is the only parameter that will provide you with loyal companions and potential customers. Quality, informative, educational content is what is sought after and which will always meet with a good response.

Today's Internet users do not want to waste time. Only content since they have some benefit and who attract their attention will have success. Don't regret the means to put this segment of your strategy on the highest ladder. Believe me, it will come back to you many times over.

Take advantage of all the possibilities of presenting your business on the Internet.

Digitizer and our experienced team are here to help you with this. Contact us for any questions.

Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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