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Attention to social networks is quite expensive, given the number of social networks, their competition with each other, the increasing amount of content and more and more opportunities to display that content. 

Depending on the target groups, as well as the type of product or service, you need to know which type of content is best to use and what design to adapt to the appropriate target group, in order to most easily attract their attention.


The most common design errors

In today's text, we will present a few design mistakes that should be avoided, in order to realize the best possible potential.

Blurry photos

When designing, pay attention to the resolution of the photos. It is always better to prepare a photo in high resolution and be sure that when posting on social networks, reducing the resolution by a certain social network will not affect the appearance of the photo. This is especially important for all small businesses, but also others who download photos from the Internet, not paying attention to the quality of the photo. Such a published photo leaves the impression of frivolity. Your target audience doesn't like blurry photos. Forget the photos of the gang from high school or college and the accompanying description: “blurry but dear”.


Fonts difficult to interpret

In order to look different from the others, use a specific font (usually a script) to make a serious mistake, so it is not possible to interpret what is written. Users fly through feed, so someone won't have time to spend a few more seconds to interpret what it says.

To avoid this, use legible fonts. There are nice fonts but readable, which is very important.

photo for the blog

Choosing the wrong colors

The colors you use on social media should describe your business. It's okay to use a bright color when you really want to highlight something in one post, but try to ask yourself if the colors you use are pleasing to the eye. Does the color combination you use match and do the colors suit your business or brand.

Adjust the visual format

Before posting, you need to know what your target audience is and where it is located. How she sees your posts. Is it more on the phone or at the computer. The visuals you set up should be customized for both mobile phones and desktops.


Exaggeration with stock photos

Stock photography that suit your business are always welcome when you want to splash out the material a bit but don’t overdo it. Users want to see your authentic content, which will best describe and represent your business.


Use each pixel on the visual

Do not distract from the main message by filling in all the corners of the photo. Too much information (especially text) on the visual is repulsive and there is a small percentage of those who will read everything. Graphic designers understand that a little and a minimum in a photo can sometimes bring a lot.

Not using grids

Another mistake is random positioning the text on the visual. Do not place text without any order, but use guides. Pay attention to gaps and thinnings. Concise text, with the use of lowercase and uppercase letters (if you want to emphasize something) is much easier to read.

If you want to improve your social media presence, increase it engagement and make the most of social media, apply these tips. They may seem small and negligible, but as with everything else - if you cover as many details as possible and take care of every little thing, the result will not be missed.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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