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We wrote about it in one of our previous blogs what lies behind the new scheduling option Live stream- and on Instagram-u and that what actually Instagram wants to develop is to buy products live - live stream shopping events, ie encouraging and increasing purchases within the platform. 


What is Social Commerce?

Social media have long been used for various purposes - to read the news, online communication, following trends, viewing video content and the like, and more recently for buying products. Since it is in the nature of social networks to share different experiences, recommend products to friends, they actually shorten the path of customers when shopping. With that in mind, the possibility of buying products directly from social networking platforms came as a completely logical step.

This is exactly what such a purchase within a platform (without leaving the application) is called Social Trade, and social networks have already become a very powerful tool for developing such an opportunity.

the girl is sitting at the table in one hand holding a phone, in the other a payment card

What do the research say?

Based on research done by the agency The Influencer Marketing Factory, on a sample of 1000 users from December 2021, the following results were obtained:


  • 82% of respondents searched for products on social networks and made a purchase directly from the phone
  • 57% bought something in progress Live streamwhile 39% of respondents said they like to research new products in progress Live stream- this one.
  • 58% used the "buy now, pay after" option (Buy now pay later).
  • 41% said they use special discounts offered by influencers
  • 42% state that they prefer direct shopping within the platform, as opposed to shopping on the site.
  • 29% of respondents buy something over Social Trade- and at least once a week
  • 22% of respondents buy most clothes, while 15% buy them Beauty products.
a fist that presses the virtual shopping menu

When I looked between the influencers, the business profile / page on social networks and family / friends, it turned out that on Social Trade most affected by the profile / page on social networks. For that reason social media management It should be included in the marketing strategy as one of the main marketing tools.

During the holidays, in late November and December, 76% of respondents bought at least one product, directly from one of the social networking platforms.

The research was conducted in America, but the results show that it is Social Trade the present and will slowly become a global trend, as well as serious competition third-party sites.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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