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To create simple text animations we recommend Adobe After Effects the program. AE is one of the most popular tools for creating visual effects, motion design and similarly. This may sound very complex, but once you learn the basics of the program you will read through a variety of animation styles.


How to make simple text animations?

In addition to being used to create special effects, After Effects is ideal for creating shorter video animations that can be used as posts on social networks.


After Effects Dashboard

In relation to others Adobe programs, After Effects is most similar Premiere Pro program. If you use Default view, at the very bottom is located timeline, the right part of the screen is occupied by your composition, while on the left side there is material and effect control. Separate tabs for searching and adding effects, typewriting and similar are displayed along the right edge if you add them.

See how it looks in the picture below:

dashboard from After Effects

Add text

To add text to the composition, click on the "T" icon or press the shortcut CTRL + T. If you press only T, and you have marked some Layer in the program, you will get an adjustment with decrease and increase Opacity. When the mouse display changes to the letter T, click on the composition where you want to type and type the desired text.

Text stylization

On the right side by the window '' Character '' there are options for stylizing the text. Here you change the font, color, size of the text you marked in Tto Imeline.

For example, if you resize and don't notice the text enlarging or shrinking, you probably haven't checked Text layer u Tto Imeline. Next to the window '' Character '' to style text, use and Paragraph. Here you can align the text on the left and right, centrally. 


Text animation

Like all animations in After Effects-u, and text are created and displayed in Timeline. You can animate text in countless ways (via position, Opacity, Scale etc.) and in this text we will show you some of the most basic.

When we animate some of the core values ​​like position, Opacity or Scale we use Timeline. In our example, we will show the animation via Opacity. Select the starting point of the animation, for example at the beginning of the composition at zero second, and reduce the Opacity to 0. You will notice that the text has completely disappeared. Add Keyframe by clicking on the clock icon and then moving the composition to two seconds. Now zoom in Opacity at 100. Play the animation and you will see how the text appears in your composition.

You can also apply this procedure to other elements such as images, logos, or s- this one.


Text presets

After Effects also offers an option Text presets. Please select Text layer, on the right in u item Effects on the right are located Text presets - text settings.

When you select the desired animation you can adjust Keyframe-s of your choice. If the animation seems slow to you, zoom in Keyframe-s to each other, if the animation is too fast then move them away from each other.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljkovic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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