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Google decided to Search Console enrich it with new content that will provide site owners with an even better insight into the response of their content to the audience. It's about Search Console Insights, whose beta version is almost released. Unfortunately, this tool is currently limited to only those users who are Google included in testing.


What is Search Console Insights?

As they say from Google-a: "Search Console Insights the new experience is tailored to content creators and publishers and can help them understand how audiences discover content on their site and what gets the best reception from their audience. This new experience is supported by data from Search Console-ei from Google Analytics- eh. "

Screenshot of mobile phone with search console insights control panel

img source: Google

New option in Search Console-and should give users a much better insight into how they can improve the content on their site and how to best adapt it to the needs target audience. This data can help site owners be better informed when making decisions when it comes to improving content.


What are the benefits of Search Console Insights?

What will this newspaper in Google Search Console-and there is an opportunity for more precise answers to questions such as which content from the site has the best performance, what results do the new contents from the site have and through which channels do people discover your new content? Too, Search Console Insights provides answers to the main and most popular queries that lead to the site, but also which other sites and articles link to content from your site.

a report from Search Console Insights on the sources of traffic on the site

img source: Accuracast

This option is currently in the testing phase, and all site owners involved in using the beta have already been notified. They have been notified by email and invited to access the beta version of this tool. Google says he hopes to open a beta test for even more users in the future, as well as expand the number of sites each user can add to Search Console Insights.

Part of the insight into the traffic generated through can be especially interesting social networks. This segment can be very useful in evaluating the success of your social networks in the overall strategy of performing on the Internet.  

Report from Search Console Insights on site traffic from social networks

img source: Accuracast

The beta version will help users provide feedback on the new product, and hopefully soon Search Console Insights become a standard part of the offer.


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Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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