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Instagram has announced a big change within its app. Namely, the news has just been published that a new form of trade is being prepared within the application itself. Selling goods via Instagram will no longer be the same.

Selling goods via Instagram

New addition to Instagram Shopping it comes in the form of a platform for creators who sell items such as artwork, illustrations, handicrafts and other merchandise. As a condition, all companies that register must do so with websites a site that they currently own and that is qualified for online sale.

Whether you are selling candles through an e-commerce site, or you are food a blogger who promotes his own line of dishes, any business or creator an order with at least one accepted product may use sales tags (Shopping Tags) to attract users to websites website.

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This change takes effect on July 9 in all countries where Instagram is supported Shopping. It will provide significantly greater transparency and a much more reliable shopping experience.

To enable this change, Instagram has introduced new guidelines that interested companies and creators must support in order to qualify for Instagram sales.

One of these is that the Instagram account must represent a store or websites location where the products are sold, the list of products must be available for direct purchase at websites site. Also, an Instagram account must show "reliability" by having an authentically established presence and a sufficient base of followers.

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Made by Nemanja Nedeljkovic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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