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Revolution slider, as one of basic Plugin-s we use Code making Ltd. sites, for some it is a challenge and a pain, while for us it is a pleasure. For that reason, we can write a lot about its characteristics, advantages and functionalities, because the possibilities and options it offers are huge.


Local scroll link

Although button links are most used to link to the other side of the site or some completely different site, in this blog we will stick to button links to navigate within the same page (Local Scroll Link). This option is especially useful when creating one page sites.


Local Scroll ID

The initial step in the frame WP bakery builder.

Before you approach Revolution slider, it is necessary in the frame WP Bakery assign to the builder Local Scroll ID.

Posting links within WP bakery bodybuilder, using one of button elements, is relatively simple and you just need to paste the link. However, when setting up local scroll links - to navigate to a specific section (row-a) within the same party, it is necessary to assign it to that section beforehand Local Scroll ID. As an example, we wrote: navigation-to-sections, which can be seen in the pictures below.

screenshot from wordpress control panel

This is the first step, whether or not you continue with the next steps Revolution slider or u WP bakery pictures.

Continuation of this process in the framework WP Bakery bodybuilder is similar to u Revolution slider. The essence is the same, but given that it is completely different dashboards who has a slider, the steps are a bit different. We will describe them below.


Final steps in Revolution slider-u

When you access dashboard the first step is to add a new one Button layer, which you can see in the pictures below. Layer can be styled as desired, but this is a special topic that we can cover in a separate blog.

control panel from word press

After that, within the section Actions the settings in the image below are selected. 

control panel from word press

Near Actions there is a section Attributes, within which it is necessary to assign a class: local-scroll-link

control panel revolution slider from word press

After this step is local scroll link set and will lead to the desired section on the page.

Revolution slider is serious WP plugin and when mastered, creating websites is a special pleasure.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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