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Although we have recently written about certain newspapers it brings Instagram, developers do not stop working on new ideas and surprise Social Media release your teaser posts on Twitter-u. Link sticker is one of the novelties that could provide users with more opportunities in an effort to attract more traffic to their site.

Therefore, in today's blog we bring you some information and newspapers that await us, and one of which stands out in particular and could most freely be called revolutionary within Instagram Story-I. Read below what it is about.

a hand holding a smartphone with an Instagram logo on the screen, and in the background is a laptop with an Instagram display on the screen

Instagram working on new ones Story stickers

How the programmer transmits Alexander Paluzzi, Instagram working on a new one Link sticker in the frame Story-I. Is this great news for all business profiles that have less than 10k followers?

Using links within Instagram platform (in the case of sponsored publications) is possible only in the following way:


  • In the profile description
  • Kao swipe-up link in box Story-I for business profiles with over 10k followers).


Will the link sticker bring the possibility of using the link in the frame Story-I'm all business profiles or again only those with over 10k followers? It remains to be seen. That would mean yes business profiles would no longer have to wait for the famous 10k followers to give everyone the opportunity to visit with a click of a sticker site, that is, they come across products, services, blogs, videos, etc.

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Also, another sticker that is in the testing phase is and Super Mention sticker. It is not yet known what its purpose will be, but we will send it and see in the coming period.

image source:

And the last announced novelty is Star Wars a theme within the DM, which may be of interest to a large number of fans of this film. Perhaps this could be a precursor to a new option of using sponsored content, where new movies, games and series would be offered the option of choosing a personalized background, in the form of a promotion.

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It is not yet known when these new options will be available. Follow our blog, but also the events in the box Instagram-and keep up to date with all the newspapers.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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