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If you want your digital marketing campaigns to give even better results, you need to give your site visitors a second chance to become "customers." That second opportunity, that is, showing targeted ads to people who have already visited your site is called remarketing.

Briefly, remarketing is to create personalized ads, mostly for Display network, for users who have previously visited your site.

Near Google-a, there are several other platforms that offer the option of remarketing within your platform. We introduce you to the rest of this blog AdRoll-om.

Remarketing, AdRoll and its benefits

AdRoll is a platform that offers several online advertising services, including remarketing. Using AdRoll-and we have the option to first find an audience, similar to current site visitors via a special cookie (this will be discussed in more detail below). 

Adroll targeting the system and insight into the audience is even more advanced than Google-this also offers several audience targeting options:

    • Contextual - Select categories that are relevant to your industry or target market
    • Demographic - Attributes such as age, gender
    • Targeting by interests - Choosing certain interests such as sports, fashion, food and the like
    • Lookalike - Option to allow the AdRoll system itself to identify an audience that behaves similarly to current site visitors
    • Retargeting - Placing messages and ads to an audience that has already interacted with your site
    • CRM - email marketing and placement of messages to an audience that has already left an email through promotions


Another big advantage AdRoll platform is and multi-channel a marketing system that allows the audience to be in one place. How Facebook We Facebook Pixel-and collects and makes its own audience, as well Google through his cookies he makes his audience. AdRoll it breaks down barriers and with its advanced systems allows us to keep our audience in one place. All site visitors, whether they came with Facebook campaign or Display campaign on Web-u, they will be in the same place and together we can place a campaign for them at the same time.

Account creation and remarketing campaigns

AdRoll is created on their official website by clicking on the '' buttonGet Started'' in the upper right corner. After filling out the short form, the platform is accessed via login-and.

Before creating a campaign, you need to install the AdRoll pixel code that is implemented on each page of the site. Once the pixel code is active, you get the ability to create campaigns. In this respect AdRoll offers 2 options:

  1. Websites & Apps, sites and applications on the Internet
  2. Social, Facebook News Feed, Right Hand Column, Facebook and Instagram mobile apps

For the purposes of this blog, we will stick to the option of creating campaigns for network.

The first choice we encounter is the type of campaign:

  1. Lookalike, AdRoll AI the system is looking for the most similar people to current site visitors
  2. Contextual, search of the target group by certain categories (fashion, health, sports ..)
  3. Retargeting, targeting people who have already visited the site but have not converted or performed the desired action on the site

If the first campaign is being created and there is currently no one in the current AdRoll audience, choose between Lookalike i Contextual campaigns, because it makes no sense retarget (no current site visitors).

After choosing a daily budget, CPC and locations, all that remains is to upload the Web ads we want to use for the campaign and everything is ready to go.

All campaigns and their analytics are in the main Dashboardin the first part ''Ad Campaigns''. For information and audience number as well as visits to specific pages, the option "Audiences''.

It's made here custom-made Audience, more precisely, site visitors who have visited certain pages on the site, such as a shopping cart or others.

The audience can be kept for a maximum of 120 days and can be used for retargeting campaigns.


If this platform is interesting to you and you want to put it in the service of your business, contact us for more information.

Made by Nemanja Nedeljkovic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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