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Code Google search, there are two types of results - search results and ads. Google ads appear in search results as '' Ads '' and are located in several locations around search results. Ad position at Google depends on several factors that we will explain in our new text.


How is ad position determined on Google?

Google the search works on the principle of auction. An ad auction is a way Google decides which ads to display and how to rank or position them. Ad position at Google depends on several factors, which we will explain in our text.

''Google Ads''calculates the ranking for each ad in the auction. Ad Rank determines your position as well as whether your ad is eligible to run at all.

Factors affecting ad rank

What are the most important factors that affect ad rank? Google has singled out a few of the most important ones:


Your offer

Your bid is the maximum amount you're willing to pay for someone to click on your ad. Of course, that doesn't mean that Google will charge you for every click. If the competition offers less than you, Google will charge € 0.01 more per click than the most current bid.


Ad quality

Another important factor that affects ad rank is ad quality and Landing page - Google looks at how relevant your ad is to the person who sees it. When you need information on how relevant the Landing page and ad are to the keywords you choose, take a look Quality score. To get to this number, you need to enter the keyword section and choose from the columns Quality score.

Ad competitiveness

If two ad ads competing for the same search position have similar ad ranks, each has a chance to win that position. As the difference in ad rank between the two advertisers grows, the higher ranking will win, most often because it is willing to pay a higher cost per click than a competitor.


The context of the searcher

In an ad auction, the context of the searcher is extremely important. When Google calculates the ranking of the ad, it looks at the search terms, the location of the person at the time of the search, the type of device he uses (mobile, desktop computer, tablet ().

In addition to the above, there are several other factors that help you better position your ad on Google searches like extensions. When you create an ad, you have the ability to add specific information to the ad such as a phone number, or links to specific pages on your site.

After all, better quality ads usually lead to lower cost-per-clicks, better ad positions, and thus greater success in advertising on Google search.


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