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Certain novelties can often be noticed on social networks. The platforms race against each other to keep the user in the app longer. Every second longer spent on the platform is the primary goal for all of them, but there are other goals as well.

The latest news that comes to us from Instagram, primarily and does not aim to keep users longer, but it is very useful for all users, especially for creators and influencers. It's about pinning posts.


Pinning posts on Instagram

It has been several months since the first testing of this option and it has recently become available to everyone. This option provides control over the appearance of the profile, ie the first posts seen when visiting the profile.

It is now possible to find the option "In the right corner (by clicking on the three dots)"Pin To Your Profile ”. In this way, you can mark or pin a maximum of three posts (photos or Reels) so that they are above all posts.

screenshot from the Meta Business Suite control panel

Although it is not yet possible to edit the entire display of posts on the profile, with this step we notice that Instagram is moving towards giving creators more control over the display of the profile. 

For now, it is possible to pin posts or Reels posts, but we believe that this could be extended to Instagram product posts shopbecause it benefits creators, brands and influencers.

carousel of posts from instagram

This is a very important news on Instagram, which together with prominent stories (Story Highlights) provides a lot of opportunities to display important and desired things, when visiting the IG profile.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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