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To provide small businesses and slightly larger companies with another way to generate revenue, Facebook has recently launched a new option - payment events-a (events).


Pay to follow the event

As the rules of social distancing are still respected, many businesses and independent creatives have to make contact with their audiences online and thus try to make money. Thanks to marketing, online video content and online payment, online events can meet the ultimate needs of the business.

The new option will allow businesses and creatives to online access to their events directly charged through Facebook-and.

a mobile phone with a Facebook page on the screen where the product is purchased

For now, this option is available in only 20 countries (whose list you can see at this link) for pages that meet all the requirements of monetization (monetization of content).

For transactions on Android-in, in the countries where it was introduced Facebook Pay, businesses will retain 100% of the revenue they generate from paid events. For users of the IOS operating system, the situation is somewhat different due to the 30% tax that exists within the framework Apple Store-and. Facebook he asked Apple to reduce their taxes or allow them to bid Facebook Pay, to be able to help all businesses during the Corona virus pandemic. However, from Apple have rejected all claims, and small and medium-sized enterprises will be paid 70% of their earned income.

Two mobile phones whose screens show the payment process when buying on Facebook

Apple has already been the subject of an investigation due to their rules of conduct and payment within Apple Store-a. Will this situation now lead to certain changes in Apple, remains to be seen. What is certain is that businesses will not be able to take all 100% of the income they earn from for now online events, unless they redirect all their customers to pay via websites-a or Android devices.

This type of earning opportunity for small and medium enterprises is just another in a series of many, with which large companies like Facebook they are trying to help businesses make money and survive during the Corona virus pandemic.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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