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The first big change Facebook algorithm regarding organic reach, happened in 2014. This change was a hint of advertising on Facebook-u, which followed soon after this change. 

Managing social networks or in this case a business site at Facebook-u, today can not be imagined and planned without a budget for advertising, since it is organic reach globally from 3% to 5%.

Is it possible to advertise on Facebook-in no paid ads and what tools can be used to increase organic reach? These are the questions you can find the answer to below.


Is organic marketing on Facebook still worth it?

The first thought that comes here is that nothing special can be done anymore Facebook-if the advertising budget is not allocated. This is true, the advertising budget is mandatory, but we should not forget what it really is Facebook. After more than 15 years, it is the largest and leading social network, with over 2 billion active users.

One of the most important facts to mention is that it should not be forgotten Facebook visual platform, such as Instagram. Although text posts are still possible on Facebook-u, visual formats such as photography and video content are the types of posts that the algorithm favors. For that reason, it was created separately Facebook video feed, which greatly affects the retention of users on the platform.

In addition to sponsored posts, which should be an integral part of any strategy on social networks, below we will list the types of posts that are used to achieve greater organic reach on Facebook-u.


Facebook Image Post

Photography is still one of the most popular formats that can be published. It is important that the photo contains the most important information because users usually go through it quickly feed, see only the visual and rarely read the description. Therefore, the description of the publication may contain information that is not the most important, while the most important information should be presented on the visual.

screenshot of the example facebook image post

Facebook Stories

Stories seem to be all around today and almost every platform either experiments with them or relies heavily on its own version of stories. Facebook stories are, as on Instagram-u, vertical photos and full-screen videos.

Stories are also becoming easier to create. They can be created separately in one of the programs, but also in the framework Facebook-a on the desktop or applications on the phone. Recently, there is also the possibility of scheduling in Facebook Meta Suite-u, which is a great relief. 

screenshot from facebook dashboard for scheduling stories

Facebook Link Post

This is a type of post that (whether it contains a visual or not) consists of a link that leads to another location. That location can also be Facebook, but also some other site. It means the most to brands because it directs users to a specific offer of products or services. 

Since Facebook likes to keep users on the platform as long as possible, this type of posting usually has less reach because it takes users away Facebook-and it should be used the least.


facebook reels

Instagram Reels became very popular in a short time and realizing that, Facebook has recently enabled facebook reels within its application. If you are interested in this type of posting, you must follow the trends and publish content that is interesting to users.

screenshot from reels


The next type of post that can be used on Facebook- I did see. This is the content you recorded and edited outside Facebook applications and then set it to Facebook

Interestingly, longer videos (3 minutes or more) often perform better than shorter videos. Videos that last 5 minutes or longer seem to work best.

With that in mind, you need to use it CTA (Call To Action) within the video content, but also the accompanying link in the description of the publication.


facebook live video

This is a type of post that is broadcast live on Facebook-u. Once the transfer is complete, there is an option to delete this content, but it can also be retained on the pages. You can stream directly via Facebook or use one of the many third-party applications.

screenshot from the Meta Business Suite control panel

Facebook Podcast

Last but not least, Facebook Podcast is a new way of reaching out to users. If you already have an existing podcast, you can link it to Facebookto play it to its users. That's how he appears in Facebook feed-ui increases range.

In addition, the podcast will continue to play even if you download the application Facebook to do something else. So you don’t have to be stuck inside anymore Facebookto listen to your favorite podcast episodes.

One of the biggest benefits of podcasts is over Facebook-and is that there is a possibility to save and share certain clips from the podcast. This allows you to reach an even larger audience.

screenshot from the Meta Business Suite control panel

To make the most of Facebookfor your site and in order for the algorithm to start working for you, you need to use all the listed publishing options Facebook provides.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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