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You may have noticed that the dark interface has become more prevalent both on sites and in a number of applications. Popular Dark mode really gives some cool appearance, in our opinion, and we gladly use it wherever it is offered as an option. Facebook, Instagram and many other social networks have recently introduced this way of presenting.


However, the question has been raised as to whether this option affects optimization. This topic was launched recently Google Webmaster Central hangout-u, which was held on October 18. John Miller from Google-and this question was asked. After stating that he is also a fan of this look, he proceeded to answer the question.

Dark mode is safe for SEO

When it comes to SEO there are no negative consequences due to use Dark modenor are there any special recommendations for use. Dark mode is an option that on website site edits CSS, and how it is CSS implemented on the site in no way affects how Google searches and indexes content.


Miller tried to explain that Dark mode it does not in any way affect it as a ranking factor website site. Miller mentioned the possibility that in the future Google consider giving users whose devices are already set up with this option specifically tag sites that allow Dark mode. He added that he doubts that it will happen, but that it is certainly interesting to think about it.

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