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Recent update Facebook-this one Studio creator-a has brought a much sought after feature for users Instagram-a. It is an opportunity to Instagram posts and IGTV videos will be booked in advance.


Over the past year Facebook updated API to enable scheduling of posts through third-party applications. This solution, however, did not give the best results, as each of these applications was somewhat limited. FacebookThis new implementation obviously has no limitations.

To use this feature, you must have Instagram Business account associated with Facebook page. From there, simply click on the icon Instagramat the top of the dashboard Creator Studio-and you'll get an interface to manage, post and schedule all your posts on Instagram-ui IGTV-u.

Studio Creator newspaper

This new option provides increased capacity that, unlike previous scheduling applications, will allow you to see what your Instagram post. Very similar to posting on Facebook page.


Content Library button u Creator Studio-u gives you an overview of all Instagram videos, photography, carousel-and, story-I and IGTV posts. By searching you can find the content you want, you can use filters to sort posts by their status or date of publication. You can also click any item in your list to take a closer look at its content and performance.

What do all the newspapers include?

This includes Insights of how many people looked at the post. It gives information where they saw the post, how they communicated with it. Then what actions did people take when they interacted with the post.


Insights which you see when you click on an item in Content Library-ju will depend on the type of post you choose. The information you see about storyThe post you posted will be slightly different from the information you see about the posted video.


 The only drawback is the inability to schedule story-I. You can make up for this shortcoming with a number of tools that you can use to make up for this shortcoming and schedule a publication story-I.


Post scheduling option for Instagram not yet available in the box Creator Studio in Serbia, but we believe that it will soon be released for global use.

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Made by Andrej Jovanović - Account Manager @Digitizer

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