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When you start a design "endeavor", you will quickly come to the conclusion that you need elements to work with. Most common images and fonts. For you design creativity will certainly be crucial, but the importance and role should not be diminished typography. We will try to shorten your search time on the Internet and suggest some of the fonts that are often used, primarily because they are impressive and grateful for the application.


Fonts used in design

Let's first clarify what free fonts mean. With each font that downloadYou are usually accompanied by a document stating whether "free for personal use”Or“free for commercial use”That is, whether it is free for personal use only or also for commercial use.


What it means?

License for personal use "for personal useYou have the right to use the font for personal purposes. For example, you can use it for seminar or graduation theses, print some text on the wall, your favorite T-shirt or customize it to some unique item you want to give away. So, as long as you don't make money using it, you can use it freely.

On the other hand, commercial use is everything you use for propaganda purposes and from which you can make money. So if a font you want to use for a logo, content on website-in, or print on a T-shirt that you will sell later, you should provide a font, ie a license "for commercial use".

Free fonts can certainly be as good as the paid ones, but the main difference is that finding them usually takes time. What can also be a drawback is that they are often incomplete. Thus, it can happen that free fonts do not have some of the special characters, punctuation marks, numbers or what often appears as a problem that they do not have Serbian characters such as š, č, ć, đ, ž.

When choosing a font, it is important to take into account its purpose. It is not the same if we use a font for a logo, slogan, title, subtitle or long text. In the business world, therefore, the choice of font is often defined as well a book of graphic standards, which can significantly shorten your search. Therefore, according to the purpose, all fonts can be divided into several basic categories.

Serif fonts

Fonts that are recognizable by having details at the ends of the letters, simply put dashes, hooks or stands. They are often used when we have longer texts in the print media. Therefore, you will find their application in books, newspapers, magazines or catalogs. Of course, this kind of application is only a recommendation and not a strict rule.


Some of the most interesting fonts in this category are:

Cormorant, Alegreya, Colus, Butler, Roboto Slab

Sans-serif fonts

As opposed to serif we have sans-serif fonts. Fonts that have no embellishments on the letters and represent the characters as simply as possible. It is for this reason that they are primarily used for logos, titles and inscriptions. They can often be used for content on website pages or mobile applications.


Some of the most interesting fonts in this category are:

Montserrat, Raleway, Poppins, Oswald

Handwriting or handwriting fonts

This category is very specific both in terms of appearance and in terms of application. It gives the inscription an authentic look as if, as the name suggests, it is handwritten. It is most often used for greeting cards and invitations, but also for slogans and short inscriptions. Searching for this "freeFonts are often time consuming, primarily because they are often incomplete and care should be taken to be clear and legible.


Some of the most interesting fonts in this category are:

Dancing Script, Great Vibes, Permanent marker

Decorative fonts

You will often see this font category at website pages to divide into several subcategories. Retro or Vintage, B, Tattoo, Graffiti i unusual fonts.

Often, just the name of the subcategory will tell you that these are fonts used for special purposes and you should generally avoid using them for longer texts. These fonts often have a lot of additional decorations on the characters, so you should avoid using them on bright and colorful backgrounds.


Some of the most interesting fonts in this category are:

Check, Hiatus, Anguilla tattoo, Graffiti Sprite

Certainly these are just some of the fonts you can use. Trends change quickly, tastes are different, and new fonts appear every day. If you are looking for the fonts that suit you best, the most complete are the ones that have the Pro add-on in their name, but they are usually paid for their commercial use.


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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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