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Google could be fined at least $ XNUMX billion if it is found that they have illegally collected data from millions of users who have surfed the Internet through their Chrome browser using non-archiving mode. 


The reason for the lawsuit

The plaintiffs claim that they collected the data Google AnalyticsGoogle Ad Manager and smartphone apps, whether or not users clicked on ads. Prosecutors claimed that millions of users who have been using the regime without archiving since June 1, 2016, were affected and demanded compensation of at least 5.000 US dollars per person.

a judge's hammer on the table

Representative GoogleJose Castaneda said Routers- that the company will vigorously defend itself against accusations, adding that it will be made clear that websites can collect information on browsing activities that are also conducted in private mode.

Google tried to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds Chrome-this explanation, a message that is displayed each time you start the mode without archiving and explains that "your activity may still be visible to the sites you visit."

That, however, was not enough for the judge. The court concluded that Google did not inform users to Google participates in the alleged data collection even while the user is in private browsing mode. The judge who heard the case ordered that the lawsuit be continued for the reason that Google does not notify users that their data may still be collected while searching in non-archiving mode.


Disputed mode without archiving

To clarify, users who have filed a lawsuit are complaining about what Google collects data while it is in archiving mode. For example, when a user visits a website in non-archiving mode, Google analytics can still collect his data. Users who filed the lawsuit say they had the impression that the no-archiving regime offers comprehensive data privacy.


Google disputes the allegations through a statement made by company spokesman Jose Castaneda:

"We vehemently dispute these claims and will vigorously defend ourselves against them. Chrome's non-archiving mode gives you the ability to browse the Internet without your activities being saved in your browser or device. As we clearly state every time you open a new tab without archiving, websites may be able to collect information about your browsing activity during your session."

Iz Google-and also add that the prosecutors agreed with Chrome-this privacy policy that reveals his data collection practices. We think that the picture above very clearly shows what this mode means.


What exactly is a non-archiving mode for?

Each of us has at least once used this feature that is offered. Without going into the reasons why we use this function, the question arises whether we really know what this regime really allows? And what are unfounded assumptions?

Non-archiving mode prevents local data storage. Hides browsing activity from other people who can use the same device. For example, if you share a computer with your family, you can use non-archiving mode to prevent them from seeing which sites you visit.

This is exactly what the non-archiving mode is intended for.


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