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Chat GPT has greatly stirred the spirits and made everyone who came in contact with this technology to think at least for a moment about what it holds for us and what kind of future awaits us. One of the interesting aspects is the assumption that the emergence of ChatGPT will have major consequences for Google and search as we have known it so far.


Microsoft adds ChatGPT features to Bing search

Microsoft, which with its Bing is perhaps the most serious competitor to Google, is one of the biggest investors in ChatGPT. One billion dollars has been invested so far, and it is announced that Microsoft is ready to invest another 10 billion dollars in this project. 

Microsoft may add OpenAI ChatGPT features to Bing search in the coming months. Two Bing sources say the company is likely to add the popular ChatGPT AI question-and-answer service to Bing, Microsoft's search engine. The source claims that Microsoft is preparing to launch a version of its Bing search engine that uses the artificial intelligence behind ChatGPT to answer some search queries and not just display a list of links like before.

Microsoft hopes that the new feature, which could appear before the end of March, will help it match or even surpass Google, which is currently the dominant competitor in the market. 


Does Google have the answer?

Of course it is Google reacted to the emergence of ChatGPT, but we honestly don't believe that they are overly concerned at this company. It would be silly to think that Google sat idly by and didn't try to stay ahead of their competition. We're sure Google has advanced AI and machine learning that can probably do exactly what ChatGPT does, if not better. You can test Google's LaMDA artificial intelligence. All interested can sign up to the AI ​​Test Kitchen and get access to the AI ​​beta.

Google, too, has dedicatedly built systems of its own artificial intelligence technology, but has been slow to release them to the public, fearing how it might affect society at large. The data currently available on the Internet, which these systems use to gain knowledge and generate responses, can pull content that includes phenomena such as misinformation, bias, and various forms of discrimination. According to the allegations, this ethical moment is one of the main obstacles for Google.

The data processing required to provide credible answers by purifying extremely large data sets can be very expensive. One estimate says that currently OpenAI spends $3 million per month, and that's the cost with ChatGPT still in beta, requiring people to create an account, occasionally going offline due to heavy load.

The near future will give us answers to many questions, but this is definitely a technological revolution that will irrevocably change the world as we know it.


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