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Long-announced merger Facebook Messenger-and, Whatsapp-and finally begins to get its concrete realization. Last year the CEO Facebook-a Mark Zuckerberg announced his plans to merge Whatsapp-and, Facebook-a Instagram-and. The overall situation with the corona virus pandemic has postponed the planned implementation date, but it seems that the plan has started to be implemented. It will connect first Facebook i Instagram, respectively Messenger i DM Instagram-and.


Messenger and Instagram DM are merging

Facebook is specific users Instagram-and began to give the possibility of merging inbox-a Messenger-and with I-om, which allows sending messages simultaneously on both platforms. Users see a pop-up when they open Instagram which informs them of this update.

"There is a new way to post a message on Instagram-u "(There's a New Way to Message on Instagram), reads the notice.

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The notice further highlights the following benefits of merging the two chat platforms: a new multicolor chat layout, responding with any emoticon, swiping to reply to a message, chatting with friends you only use Facebook. Before you decide to update, keep in mind that this will change the overall look of your messages Instagram-u.

This change was, as expected, first launched in the USA. According to official statements from Facebook-and a relatively small number of people have been able to upgrade to this new experience experience Instagram messages, with the hope that they will enjoy the experience and expect testing in other countries as well, so that they can gain valuable insights from user feedback.

DM icon in the application Instagram (located in the upper right corner) has also been replaced by a logo Facebook Messenger-a. From Facebook They also pointed out that by merging these platforms, they want to "build the best possible experience in messaging, and people want messaging to be fast, simple, reliable and private." Therefore, we are working to make more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and are considering ways to make it easier for family and friends to access social media. ”

If you still want to keep the classic design Instagram-these DMor you want to leave these two inboxes separate, select the "Not now" option at the bottom of the warning that will appear. This update seems to be most useful for users Instagram-and who are not active on Facebook-u, and they want to stay in touch with friends and family who would rather communicate along the way Messenger-a. Now users Messenger-and can communicate with users Instagramwithout leaving your platform of your choice.


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