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Google a couple of times a year he likes to delight us by updating his algorithm and, from their point of view, to offer users who search for the highest quality content possible. May Core update jwas the last such update, and after enough time had passed to be able to summarize certain results, we have tried to give you a brief conclusion.

It is difficult to estimate the time, let alone prepare for the consequences Core UpdateGoogle it does not state what the target of the update is, nor how it will affect the metrics of your website, as these updates usually have a very wide range of effects.


May Google Core Update

If the ranking of your website has suddenly started to fluctuate after Google's May update, know that you are not alone. Not uncommon after Core update that websites have variable rankings because Google gradually introduces updates to its algorithm. That's why these updates always take a few weeks to get up and that's why we can notice fluctuations in the results some time after the update.

May 25 from Googlea new update of the algorithm has been officially confirmed. It affected all search results to some extent, although the impact may be more noticeable in certain areas than others. It is too early to draw any conclusions, but there are signs that they are pages with content generated by artificial intelligence are particularly affected.

a drawing of a man at a desk next to which his brain is connected to monitors

Holistic approach to the website

When planning how to recover if you are affected by an update, it may not be wise to focus on isolated and individual aspects of the website. Take a holistic approach to improving the website as a whole. And of course it is never too late to be reminded official Google-of these instructions.

If there is something he teaches us Google-this update of the algorithm from May 2022, that is the right time to raise your quality standards. It's no secret that Google the guidelines recommend monitoring EAT best practices, as confirmed by the results of the introduction of this update.

Quality content comes first

Quality content always comes first. But content that is written naturally, for the audience, in an attempt to provide an answer to the intention of the user. That’s why generic content on a particular topic that ranked possible and well, even if it didn’t concentrate on the user’s intent in the search, found itself under attack by May Core Update. It is possible that Google it is getting better at identifying content generated by AI that is used to manipulate rankings, than that used to provide some value.

Thus, focusing on contextual relevance in the content, shifting the emphasis from the exact matching of keywords (especially from their overuse) and providing real value are the key to success.

It's actually simple. Ask yourself honestly: does the content of your web pages provide useful value and does it answer the queries that led the visitor to it? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right path to respond well to the search intentions, and your content closely matches the intention of the users based on their query.


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Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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