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In 2023, Instagram is still one of the most popular social networks in the world. Instagram reached 2 billion active users in December and is constantly developing and introducing new functionalities. Read the latest news from Instagram in our new text.


More links in profile description

Instagram has been testing for a long time the ability to add up to 5 external links in the profile description (Bio. ) This feature is available for all accounts, including business and creators, but you need to update the app to make sure it is enabled. Additional links are added in the same way as before. Go to Edit profile, then to Links and select the Add External Links option.

Before this change, if you wanted to display multiple links on your profile, you had to use third-party apps like Linktree and use their link in your profile or page description. Now this is possible directly in Instagram. Even Mark Zuckenberg stated that this is "probably one of the most requested features we've had".

Scheduling posts in the Instagram app

Finally, Instagram made it possible scheduling posts within the application itself. This change raised the app's convenience level, allowing users to set a specific date for their post to be published.

To schedule a post on Instagram, select the Advanced Settings option during creation, find the Schedule section and select the desired date. This option is currently in Open Beta and is available in English. As for other languages, Google plans to introduce them later this year.


Pinning posts on Instagram

Now within the post (in the right corner, by clicking on the three dots) it is possible to select a new functionality - pinning posts. In this way, you can mark or pin a maximum of three posts so that they are above all posts. This is a very significant novelty on Instagram, which together with Story Highlights provides a lot of opportunities to display important and desired things, just by visiting the IG profile..


Instagram Feed without ads and recommended posts

Yes it's possible. Instagram has introduced a new option, which allows you to search your Instagram Feed composed of only the people you follow, without ads and suggested posts. The process isn't complicated, and all you have to do is click on the Instagram logo in your Feed and select the Following option from the drop-down menu.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković – Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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