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Every social network has something that makes it different from others. On Instagram, these are, of course, photos and video content (Reels). But, in addition to photos and videos, the story that goes with them is also important. Therefore, the descriptions (captions) on Instagram a very important item, especially if you want to attract new companions and to interest them to stay on your profile a little longer.

We assume that you know your audience and that you already have a certain type of content that you create for Instagram. If you are not sure who makes up most of your followers, you can get to know them by using them Instagram analytics


What is copywriting on Instagram?

As with any text, it matters to get the attention of your readers (in this case followers on Instagram). Some people choose to write short descriptions on Instagram, while others like to use all 2200 characters for the description. Whichever way you choose, it is very important to address the people who follow you and try to interest them in what you have to say.

You should attract the attention of your companions in the first few lines of the description, and then keep that attention with an interesting, witty or instructive text.

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A good CTA is essential

At the end of each description you need a good CTA (call to action). The simplest CTA on Instagram can be an invitation to followers to like your post, leave a comment or share your post with friends. Another good thing you can do is to ask questions to the people who follow you and give them a chance to answer you in the comments. In addition to good photos, which are there to attract attention at the beginning, give them something valuable in the form of the text below that photo, which is why they will gladly return to your profile and can't wait for a new post.

Tell a good story. It could be something that happened to you, something that made you laugh or sad. People like to read stories about everyday situations that you can identify with. A good caption (description) can also be one that will teach them something new, interesting, one that they will want to share with someone and talk about. As we have already said, writing text on Instagram is not much different from standard text writing in marketing. 


To summarize

To be good, the description on Instagram must contain an introductory part that will attract the reader's attention. It must provide something that will interest your readers and be useful to them at the same time. It can be a recipe for a simple cake, and it can also be a tutorial that will show people who follow you how to quickly replace a car tire. To create and share content that is relevant to your audience, you must first get to know it.

We are sure that you will not write about news in the world of digital marketing if you are followed by people who love only travel and photos of beautiful landscapes. Finally, a good description (caption) on Instagram must contain a CTA or something that will make your audience leave a comment, share your post or save it.


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Made by Ana Korolija - Senior Copywriter @Digitizer

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