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Good content is worthwhile content. Nowadays, which we can freely say is oversaturated with information, it is quite difficult to attract and retain someone's attention. From early morning until going to bed, we are constantly bombarded with some kind of information and stimuli. For this reason, it is not at all easy to create content for website a site that will stand out in the crowd of offered content and at the same time keep the attention of the audience allowed for a long time. Therefore, there is not much to say about the importance of the quality and usefulness of the text on the site. What is our topic today is how the length of the text affects its rating by search engines, and thus the position in search results.



Why is text length important?

Web pages with more text tend to rank better in search engines than those with less text, which discuss the same keywords or phrases. Search engines and users like sites with longer text on them. This gives them more context and more information. Search engines, if they can find a term that is consistently used in multiple texts, can be more sure that a particular page from the site refers to a particular keyword or phrase. 


Google loves length

When your text is longer, Google there is more material to determine what it is about. The longer the text, the more often the key phrase that is in focus will appear. If you optimize the text well, the keyword or phrase will appear evenly and naturally distributed throughout the text. You can also fit multiple synonyms and related keywords, which will provide good context for the text itself. In a longer post, you can add more titles, useful links and images, in which you can also mention the keyword. So, more content means more quality information on the topic.

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Longer text can also help you rank for more variations of the keyword phrase you are optimizing your text for. Your article, which covers an exhaustive topic, will probably have a chance to appear in search results and for variations of your keyword or phrase. And if you think well internal linking, you can increase traffic to other posts you have written. This will help you attract more organic traffic to your site.


500 words is the minimum

Recommended minimum text length of website the site should be larger than 500 words. This is enough to give users a detailed description of a particular keyword or phrase. This is also a large enough length of text for search engines to understand the context of the page. Of course landing page-evi (landing pages) can definitely contain less text, and that's fine. For site pages that are blog articles or trying to rank for multiple keywords, text length of 500 words and above should be a guideline when writing. 


Quality always before quantity!

Of course, always keep in mind that quantity must never outweigh quality. The text must always be concise and clear, providing quality information and answering questions and needs of users. Don't add text just to make it longer. This will not meet with a positive response from the Corinthians. If you "choke" them with unnecessary text, their interest will quickly decline and the danger of leaving the page becomes very real. Before you sit down to write a blog post of over 2000 words keep in mind that not all blog posts have to be extremely long. When writing posts with a large number of words, it is extremely important that the quality of the text is at a high level. And what does that mean? Quality texts are legible, well structured and contain original content.

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The most important thing when writing long (or any) posts is to write for your own target audience. This sounds obvious, but it's surprising how easy it is to distract and start adding irrelevant information to the text. So to begin with, think about the questions the reader may have about the topic you are dealing with. Then give clear answers to those questions. The answers should, of course, be well written and legible. The text should follow a logical sequence of thoughts. Make sure your sentences and paragraphs are short and easy to read. Get rid of all unnecessary parts so as not to burden the audience.


Text scanning

One way to structure text well is to use the title correctly. Perhaps the most important function of the title is to help with scanning the text, ie. the way users view the content of the pages.

You can let readers know what the text is about by using clear and compelling headlines. It also makes your text enjoyable to read, as the title tells you what the next part of the text is about. Read more about using titles here.

screenshot from wordpress dashboard with yoast report on text optimization

A useful tool in optimizing text for search engines is Yoast, which is of great help to us. This tool provides very useful guidelines and information on how the text is optimized and what needs to be changed and redesigned in order to optimize the text as much as possible.

Also keep in mind that these are general tips on how long the text should be. The length of the text will also differ from the topic of the site, the topic of the post itself and the need to provide the most useful information to users, in the most efficient way. 



We try to optimize our texts so that you get the most useful information. Visit our blog and see for yourself.

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