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Near Facebook, the big brother of all social networks, Instagram also in recent years represents one of the most important channels of communication and interaction with users. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to make an ad on Instagram of great importance to everyone to whom it is important digital marketing.

Quality optimized and presented business profiles on Instagram-u may also have an advantage over the site of that business. You've probably searched for a particular business on your own at least a few times Instagram, not on Google-u.

The number of social network users in Serbia is constantly increasing, which we wrote about here. So the number of people who can be reached along the way increases Instagram ads.


How to make an ad on Instagram

If you often ask yourself: "How do I make an ad for Instagram?", Today we bring you an explanation for one of the two advertising options on Instagram-u.

Option to create ads on Instagram-Y from Facebook Ads Manager-a is much more complex than creating ads directly from the phone - some would be scared of the complex dashboards-and the accompanying steps to go through. But that doesn't mean that creating ads directly from your phone doesn't work. On the contrary - in some cases, this option is much better and more cost-effective. For that reason, see below how to create an ad on Instagram.

Before you start making an ad, you need to define the goal of the sponsored post - what you want to achieve with it, and that the sponsored post (visual) is in line with the goal and the target group. 


What are the steps?

Once you have decided, prepared and published the post, you can now sponsor it. First of all, you will need to implement an ad payment card, as part of the option Promotion payments and after that you can sponsor the post. You will do this by clicking on the button promotion.

Selecting the target of the advertisement

In the next step, you choose the goal of sponsoring the post. The first option is to increase the number of visits to the profile, which entails an increase in the number of followers (in this case real, organic). The second option is to increase visits to the site and the third option is to contact DM (get ready to reply to incoming messages).

Creating a target group

This is followed by creation target groups. You choose location, interests, gender and age. There is also the option of creating a target group automatically, where Instagram create a target group based on your companions, the type of business you have chosen, etc. This option is more expensive.

Budget configuration

When you create a target audience, you move on to budget configuration - how many days you want your ad to last and what your daily budget is. You will get the expected daily allowance reach, which can deviate a lot from the final results. The results will be much better in most cases.

Finally, it remains to review all the steps in one place and create a button ad Create Promotion.

Instagram approval will follow and in a few minutes the sponsored post will be active. Follow the results on Insights and get ready for notifications in the form of likes, comments, contacts in DM and new followers.

Although there are a lot of tricks and ways to achieve results on Instagram-u, increasing the number of followers and contacting u inbox, professional sponsorship Instagram publication brings sure and true results.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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