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What sets it apart is good landing page which visitor to that page leads us to take the step we want? Is it shopping, logging on Email list or whatever is already of interest to your business. Large landing pages (landing page) is created every year, but a good part of them do not manage to hire their own enough target audience. Certainly there is no magic formula that can guarantee success landing page-a. But there are definitely some tips that can help you answer the question of how to make a good one landing page. See tips below!

Landing page is often key to a successful marketing campaign because it allows you to target specific customers with specific solutions to specific problems. More on how important it is landing page-a see in this our text. 


What does a good landing page mean?

When we talk about landing pages, we mean a page that is completely dedicated to a certain type of customer. In fact, if we could make it unique landing page for each individual user, that would be great. Landing page is usually dedicated to a specific marketing campaign. It can be accessed via the link in Email-u, through advertisements on social networks or most commonly through PPC (Pay Per Click) ads.


Don’t give people what they want, give them what they need

Customers pay easier for the things they need than the ones they just want. The task of a successful business is to fill that gap, and the role of a good landing page is to prove the ability to meet that need. Yours landing page it should clearly identify what needs exist in the life of your ideal customer and explain how and why your business is the ideal solution.

You have to keep in mind that the shopping process is very emotional. In fact, u study a professor at Harvard University claims that emotions are involved in the purchase decision up to 95%. By making the customer emotionally connected to your offer, product and solution, you are taking a big step towards making his final decision positive. Everyone loves when he sees that someone cares for him and can help him and satisfy some need.


The message behind the word is the voice of the heart

Keep in mind how your audience speaks and communicates and how they like to talk to them the most. Should the style of address be more casual or more formal? Is it possible to use a funny tone or is it best to stay serious? Should you use professional terms or should things be simplified? Show potential clients that you are familiar with their community by choosing the right language. This way your message will be clearly understood, and the effectiveness of yours landing page-and probably much bigger.


Specify a value in advance

Knowing how to create value and provide it in advance is a great way to build relationships and mutual respect with your target audience. Audiences will conduct research before making a decision, making the concept of value delivery critical to any marketing or sales strategy. Without creating value, it is impossible to stand out from the crowd. Creating quality content and providing useful information is one way to accomplish this task. Although this information is offered to potential customers for free, it is crucial to show them that your company knows the problem to the core and that it has an adequate solution for it.

Use a clear call to action

So, you have convinced the site visitor that your offer is what he needs. Now what? Effective landing page it will contain a clear call to action or the last step in the conversion process. This call to action should make it clear to your audience what their next step is. There are different opinions on whether it is better for a page to have one or more CTAs, but everyone agrees that it must be clear and not confuse the audience.

You don't have to be a master at writing advertising texts to create a good and effective one landing page. By following these basic guidelines you will generate landing page which builds loyalty and converts even those skeptical visitors.


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Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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