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U one of the previous blogs we wrote about the new option on Instagram-u - Instagram reminders, where, among other things, you can read who can use it, what types of posts allow this option and how to create Instagram reminder mail.


How to use Instagram reminders in business promotion

This option can increase engagement and bring greater value to the profile. In today's blog you can find out how.


Clear and detailed name of the event

While it’s tempting to keep the name of the event as short and interesting as possible, keep in mind that attendees don’t see much detail when they get a reminder of the event. If they don't see exactly what it's about through the notification, they may not have a reason to click and attend.

And if Instagram gives a limit on the name of the event, try to be as detailed as possible. Instead of a generic event title like e.g. - New collection, use the name - Special action for the new collection.


A clear and detailed description of the event

The name of the event has a limited number of characters, but there is enough space in the description for a more detailed description of the event. Since the notification for the event refers to the original announcement, it is important to present all relevant details in the description of the event and explain what exactly it is about.


Call To Action (CTA)

Since Instagram reminder is a relatively new option on Instagram, followers may still not know how and why to use them. To get as many people as possible to include reminders, write a clear CTA in the description of the post or visual. As e.g. - "Enable notification by clicking 🔔".


Use Reminder with standard options

Near Instagram reminder- Other standard options can be used within the publication, such as location selection, tagging of other accounts and Shopping tags. If a reminder and other tags are added in the Instagram post, the ringtone icon is automatically displayed. However, followers can still tap the icon and access the list of tags that have been tagged or products that have been tagged.


Make another Instagram post reminder 

Instagram does not offer analytics for reminder-e, so it's impossible to know how many people signed up to receive notifications for the event. Instead of estimating how many people have included a reminder, assume that one post is not enough to get the results you want.

Fortunately, once the reminder is set on Instagram, you can continue to use it in new posts, until the start time has passed. This means you can post multiple posts with the same reminder.


5 ways to use Instagram reminder posts

Online or Live events

Instagram reminder is ideal for promoting online events, especially if you start with teasers months or weeks in advance.

You can create several separate ones reminder-and for the same event to arouse interest and highlight e.g. different performers, speakers or themes. You can also use video reminder posts to share highlights from previous events and give followers an insight into what to expect from the next event.


Announcement of an episode / new video on the channel

You can make a new video or episode of the show (series) before it is released Instagram reminder and remind followers to look as soon as new content is published.



If you want to increase brand awareness, giveaway na Instagram-in can be a great way to present the brand to a wider audience or to attract fans to create content, the so-called UGC, user-generated content.

You can create reminder posts to highlight rewards and encourage followers to participate. Then you can add a reminder for the end giveaway-and, to make sure that the followers will get involved and find out who won.


Product launch

Are you launching a new product or a new product line? Instagram reminder The posts are perfect for teaser announcements of new products and excitement of customers. When it comes to limited quantities of products, Instagram reminder posts can help customers not to miss the chance to buy.


Discounts and stock sales

Instagram reminder can be great for special discounts and rebates for holiday or seasonal events. They are great for informing the companion about the dates of big discounts and the duration of the discount.

It is noticeable that Instagram reminder has a wide range of possibilities and can be used for different types of brand and business promotion on Instagram.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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