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When you decide to share something social networks it is very important that your post is noticed. One way to make your post stand out in the "sea" of others is visual design. In this text, we will guide you step by step through one of the examples of the design process.

visual prepared for social networks

So, before you start, you should define what you want to say with the design and what message to convey. This will help you set up a visual hierarchy that will allow the user to clearly follow the flow of information.

Once you decide what you want your visual to contain, you could explore online how others have designed similar visuals. You can look for inspiration on your own On Facebook, Instagram-u i Linkedin or specialized sites such as Pinterest or canva.


How to design a visual

The first thing you need to do is set the format of your visual. We decided that this visual should be in the scale of 1: 1, ie square shape. And if the dimensions of such a visual are 1080 x 1080 pixels, our recommendation is to use slightly larger dimensions, for example 1200 x 1200px, due to the quality.

In our example, the first thing that needs attention is "We are HIRING“. It is not crucial for such a text to be centralized as in our country. It is much more important to make it more pronounced in size, color or shape compared to other elements.

The next step is to select an image. We hope that it should not be emphasized that the image should accompany the text and explain it in more detail. As our post refers to the employment of truck drivers, then it is completely understandable that we put a picture of the truck.

If you do not have photos already prepared, you can certainly look for them on the Internet where there are a bunch of specialized search sites stock images from which it should be singled out Shutterstock, Adobestock, Freepik, Pexeles, Unsplash and others.

After we matched the text and the image, it remained to add the logo. Inserting a logo, in addition to having a functional role to inform users about which company it is, also has an aesthetic role. Position it so that it stands out enough in relation to the background and the surrounding graphic elements, but so that it is in the background according to the visual hierarchy.

Placing an image, text and logo may be enough to design a visual, however the design may seem too simple so more graphic elements should be added to enrich the design as in our case.

We therefore partially reduced the image to open the empty space for more graphic elements, and then we inserted an orange overlay over one part to make it even richer and more interesting.

In order to fill the empty space we created, we inserted part of the text from the ad and call to action "apply now" which have a significant role in informing potential candidates, but like the logo, according to the visual hierarchy they have significantly less emphasis.

Finally, as a last step, where the design seems empty and you lack additional graphic elements, you can also add decorations, which in our example are dots and squares. Try to make these finishing decorations be some simple shapes and not too ornate to avoid what is called “overdesign".

When designing visuals, it is always good to think about future posts as well. So it would be good to make an effort to create visuals that you can use multiple times. That is, just by changing the image, font, color or layout of the graphic elements, you get a completely different design, and spend much less time for that.


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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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