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Did you know that there are over 3.5 trillion searches on the Internet every day? It dominates the search engine market Google, with over 90% of total market share. It is for this reason that you cannot afford to be on the second, third, fourth side Google-a. With good reason, many ask, "How can I be the first on Google-u? ''

Everyone wants to be on the front page Google-and, but, for sites of smaller and newly opened companies, this may seem impossible. Leading companies in their fields have positioned themselves and gained "control" over the most popular keywords and phrases.

Still, one should not give up. In order for, say, SEO to show results, the general view is that it is necessary 4 to 6 months to notice the first results.

However, what if you need the results right away? Is it possible to be on the first page right away Google-and, even if you are a small business or you have just started your business?


The answer is yes, it is possible with Google Search ads.

The biggest advantage of these ads is that users are looking for you, not you for them, as is the case with other forms of digital marketing (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google Display…). Besides, if it's yours Google Search a well-configured and optimized campaign, you will appear at the top of search results, even above those sites that have invested many months and years in SEO to position themselves well on search results.

Of course, not everyone can send large monthly allocations and constantly invest in Google Search ads, especially for keywords and phrases with high competition and high monthly searches.


What is the solution?

There is no single formula, especially knowing that Google is constantly changing and improving its search engines and the way it ranks sites on search results. But if you have it well configured and optimized Google campaigns, if you add quality content and share it on social networks, while still having quality content backlink-s from other sites then you are well on your way.

If you are not sure how to get started or how to configure and create Google campaign, if you need help writing quality and SEO optimized blogs contact us for more information.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković– Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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