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Numerous changes brought to us by the year 2023 have also raised some questions about the importance of current practice. One of those questions is how important is technical SEO today? As we know technical SEO is important because it basically ensures that your website is easy to navigate and has no technical issues preventing it from being understood and ranked by search engines.

Is Technical SEO Still Important?

In April, Google changed documentation about the ranking system, removing technical SEO factors such as HTTPS and Core Web Vitals from it. And certain claims that technical SEO is becoming less and less important contributed to the discussion on this topic. 

To begin with, and it refers to the change in the documentation of the ranking system, Danny Sullivan from Google indicated in the answer that the terms "system" and "signal" should not be confused. Sullivan explained the difference between "systems" and "signals," noting that the Update moved certain elements of the Page Experience from the "systems" category to the "signals" category.

"It doesn't say that it is page experience somehow "retired" or that people should ignore things like Core Web Vitals or that sites are mobile-friendly. In contrast to. He says that if you want to be successful with Google's core search ranking systems, consider these and other aspects of the page experience.”


Still an important ranking factor

Mueller's recent statement has confirmed that technical SEO continues to play an important role in the success of websites. Despite the evolving landscape of the SEO community, Mueller's assertion emphasizes that technical SEO remains the backbone of all websites.

Mueller commented on Platform X, responding to the claim that "Technical SEO is becoming less important every day."

The user further claimed that there are many misconceptions about technical SEO, with some approaching it in an overly complex manner. He further stated that unless significant technical problems arise, the focus should shift to creating and optimizing high-quality content.

In his answer, Mueller confirmed that the technical aspect of optimization is still as important as it was until now and that it is one of the key factors that contribute to the success of any website.


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