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Instagram has introduced suggested posts in the main Feed their users, showing them content from accounts they don't track. The content of the accounts you don't follow will now be displayed after you review the content of the people you follow.

New section "Suggested posts" (Suggested Posts) appears in the user's main feed immediately after the screen notifying you that you have reviewed all the account posts you are tracking.

a screen from Instagram with a notification that all the content that is tracked on the account has been viewed

It is traditionally the main one Instagram feedwas reserved for content that users chose to follow. The exception, of course, were sponsored advertiser posts. Now Instagram allows organic content in the main Feed-in which users have not opted.

This update has received a lot of criticism from users Instagram-and due to the fact that they get content in their feeds that they did not ask for.


Instagram suggested posts (Suggested Posts)

After users view all recent content from people they follow, Instagram Feed will display a collection of suggested posts. Continuing scrolling will bring users to the list of suggested posts. Instagram will infinitely generate new suggested posts, so users can continue to scroll at will. This option is irresistibly reminiscent of Tik Tok, where you can also view the content indefinitely.

Suggested posts in the user's main feed will be similar to the content they already follow. Suggested posts are designed to collect content similar to your previous interests, as opposed to Explore which is more for exploring a wider range of content.


Iz InstagramThey say: "When you move through the feed, you may see suggested posts after looking at all the latest posts from the account you are tracking. These suggestions are based on posts from accounts like the ones you follow and posts similar to the ones you like or have saved. “

a smartphone with an Instagram logo on the screen

If users are not interested in a particular post, they can send feedback to Instagram. Feedback will be reflected in future proposals. Simply tap the three-dot icon that appears at the top of the post and select "I don't care". In addition to the automatically selected selection of organic posts, this new section Instagram Feed-and will also contain advertisements. Organic content will be limited to photos and videos only. That means no IGTV or Instagram Reels content.

The main objections to the new option are that people will be shown content they don’t want or are potentially uninterested in. But also that people will spend too much time on Instagram-u. From Instagram they have a simple answer to these criticisms. Each user will be clearly notified when they have reviewed all the contents of the account they are tracking. That way, he will be able to decide if he wants to search for more new content. On the other hand from Instagram-a say that a large number of users, even after reviewing the news of the accounts they follow, continue to search for new interesting content. Guided by this experience, they want to offer them the most relevant and most quality content for them.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljkovic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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