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We have all heard that change is the only constant and that it is never more true than in the world of digital marketing. Social networks are constantly changing and evolving, whether it’s the demographics of social networks, the latest trends, or new algorithm updates. It is very important to always be up to date with the latest information, and in the new text we write about what it is Instagram trends for 2020.

What are these Instagram trends for 2020?

To help you stay up to date with these changes as a marketer, we analyze which Instagram trends have defined 2019 and present you with new Instagram trends that we expect in 2020. be a complete hit.


When I talk about which Instagram trends marked the last period, then it is Instagram TV unavoidable. With the launch of IGTV itself, it was not entirely clear how it works or what Instagram will bring to its advertising strategy. However, after several changes and updates to the Instagram platform as a whole, IGTV is still alive and well and is likely to continue to gain in importance during 2020.

First, Instagram added its IGTV card to its search page, giving users even more opportunities to find authors of videos and content that interest them. Instagram then added the option to include IGTV videos in regular user posts.   

Not only that, but the platform has also enabled landscape video content, making it even easier to share existing video content that your brand has already created. Adding the ability to load horizontal video content allows even more content creators easier access to IGTV.

What does this mean for your brand? That means you should absolutely consider adding IGTV to your Instagram strategy in 2020.


Instagram Story

Since its inception in 2016, Instagram Story it is growing rapidly, reaching over 500 million daily active users by the beginning of 2020. And it does not seem to stop. 


In fact, the company only makes it easier to share your stories with more and more people, adding to sharing your stories with more and more people, adding the ability to automatically share all your Instagram stories on Facebook.

Instagram has so many great features that you can also take advantage of inside yours Story-I. Add music, make them interactive, embed animated stickers and more. Instagram continues to expand its functionality Story-I, including more and more new options and interesting things.


Instagram Shopping

Instagram has embedded enough shopping function That platform can almost become a whole new revenue stream for your business through e-commerce. And when more than 130 million users touch Instagram shopping tags in photos every month, that's definitely the strategy you want to use.

Instagram has added so many features to improve shopping on its platform, such as the ability to tag products in its posts, tag products in its Stories, and even check and complete all purchases on its platform.

If you have an online store, now is the time to try yourself on Instagram Shop-u.


Tweets on Instagram

It is always interesting to see how content and ideas from social networking platforms break through to other platforms.

What’s a complete trend on Instagram, are screenshots of your own or someone else’s tweets that lead your followers to interact, which is why it rises organically reach your profile.


Interactive content

Currently, interactive content is huge for brands on many channels.

Instagram Story includes features like surveys, quizzes, questions and more, to give your audience the opportunity to communicate directly with you and your content.

This is a fun way to get your audience's opinion. You can add interactivity just for fun, or you can use it strategically to market research and gather ideas for future products or services.

Find out what the latest Instagram trends are and how to promote an Instagram profile using them. For more educational texts from the field digital marketing visit our blog.

Made by Andrej Jovanovic - Account Manager @Digitizer