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With the steady growth of popularity Instagram at the global level, the number of users of this platform continues to grow. Even though Instagram in Serbia experienced great popularity in the years behind us, in some regions and countries, many are only now getting acquainted with this platform for the first time, all because of the limited access and speed of the Internet. 


New Instagram Lite app

After that Facebook (big daddy Instagram) launched the application in India for the first time in December, it was almost announced that a new application will be launched Instagram Lite be available in 170 regions. It will allow users who have a weak internet connection to use most of the features that this application offers.

instagram logo with the inscription instagram lite below it

Instagram Lite requires only 2 MB to download Android devices, unlike the standard version of the application which requires 30 MB. And as such, it includes all functions except some more advanced tools such as the AR filter.

Facebook explained that the scaled-down version would serve to keep a large number of users connected. How did they convey:

"Just over 63% of the world's population is online, as opposed to almost 90% in North America. And many of the regions that can access the app do not have state-of-the-art mobile devices, robust internet networks or the large data transfers needed to quickly deliver large videos and photos on Instagram. For example, only about 50% of households in India have Internet access. "


That is why India is the first region to receive a new application Instagram Lite. This was also affected by the ban Tik Tok-a in India, so it is Facebook reacted quickly and in this way "took over" users Tik Tok-and.

people who use phones around which there are numerous emoticons

The race for customers

In May last year, Instagram shut down its then one Lite version but at that time there were no clear explanations as to why it was Facebook decided to leave the then large two-year project. Given that they are major players in the market, it is possible to accurately predict developments globally.

A pandemic has occurred, users are now even more looking for opportunities to communicate and connect, so it is Facebook restarted the application that led to the development of this new, more advanced and compact version - IG Lite.

The new, updated app even supports Instagram Reels, which we wrote about in one of the previous blogs. You can read that blog here.

This could generally increase the use of Instagram, as well as the number of active users who are in contact via the app. From Facebook-and convey that they want to Instagram the application will soon be available in all regions.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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