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After testing several new species sticker-about which we wrote in one of the previous blogs, Instagram has officially launched another new one Story sticker, which he worked on for months, thus continuing to expand the functionality within this platform.

It's about Caption sticker which allows you to automatically print the sentences that are spoken. The printout will not be correct in 100% of cases, but the possibility of correcting the text is left.

Why Caption sticker?

A large percentage of users go through feed na social networks without sound on, so use subtitles in video posts brings much higher reach and better results. 

When there is no sound, users in most cases just fly through the post. This way, when there is text printing, they stay longer, Instagram the algorithm recognizes this and further increases it reach he published.

Instagram of course he knows all this and in this connection, a few months ago he started working on enabling the use of automatic text printing in stories, which was finally made possible by the new Caption sticker-om. As announced this option will also be coming soon Instagram Reels.

For now, this sticker will only be available for English, in English-speaking countries. As they announced, it should soon arrive in more regions.

Facebook also develops a subtitle option for Facebook stories. These automated subtitles will also not be perfect, but an update option will exist, to provide users with better quality content. 


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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