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Instagram is constantly working to improve the user experience and new features within the platform. It is common that after a test period with a limited number of users, the new option becomes available to all users, if it proves useful.

So a new option has already been introduced, and you can find out exactly what it is about below in the blog.

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Story drafts is a novelty on Instagram

Although there has long been the possibility of scheduling and automatically posting on Instagram-u (how over Creator Studio-a, so and over different external platforms) scheduling Story-I am also possible, but not automatic publishing. A human hand is still needed to make it public Story na Instagram-and, especially some creative ones Story which contains story stickers.

How to create creative Story-I containing stickers (such as questions, quizzes or surveys) requires a little more time, administrators and managers of social networks must plan in advance the time for making such stories, which certainly greatly affect the interaction with the target group. They also help in communication, getting to know the companion better, as well as getting feedbackfor products and services. 


Faster Story sharing

As we recently announced in one of the previous blogs Story Drafts option on Instagram-u is now available. 

So far, all users have been able to save Story on your device, to post it at the desired time, but that Story then it would not be in its original form as it looks just before publication (with all clickable elements / stickers). Stickers like a quiz or a poll, would have to be made again.

Sa Story Drafts with the option this "problem" is solved. There will be no big waste of time, because all saved stories in the draft section will be able to be published in one click, with all their previously entered elements (survey, location, quiz, etc.). As you can see, this option is available to profiles that have over 10.000 followers.

So, this is another way to better organize your time and publish Story-I at the optimal time, in order to achieve the best engagement. It may not be too much of a shift in interaction, but it can be extremely beneficial for anyone who wants to make the most of the opportunities that Instagram platform provides.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer