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Instagram it never ceases to amaze users with new functionalities. When creating a post on Instagram-u, an option has recently become available Add reminder.

Have you noticed this news on Instagram-and did you start using it? Below you will find out what it is about.


What is Instagram Reminders?

This is a new option, available when creating posts. When you add a reminder within a post, followers can choose to receive notification of the event or promotion you highlighted in the post.

screenshot from Instagram reminders

Shortly before the scheduled time, Instagram automatically sends a series of notifications to users who have included reminders. Notifications are received 24 hours in advance, 15 minutes before the event and at the start time. 

As can be seen in the visual above, the notice states the name of the event and the name of the account that set the event. Clicking on a notification leads directly to that post.


Who can use Instagram Reminders?

The option is only available for professional (business) Instagram accounts. When it became available, you may have noticed a notification in the visual below.

screenshot from Instagram reminders

What types of posts does Instagram Reminder allow?

The option is only available for posts on feed including photo and video posts as well carousel (multiple photo) publications. 

Instagram Reminder is only available within the mobile application. Tools like Creator Studio i MetaBusiness Suite they do not yet have the option to use this option.


How do I create an Instagram Reminder post?

When creating a post and after selecting a photo, video or carousel-a, an option appears Add reminder. Add a clear name to the event or promotion, so that attendees know immediately what it is about when they receive the notification.

screenshot from Instagram reminders

The time of the event is then selected. Also, there is an option to add event end time. Followers will not be notified when the event ends but the option is certainly useful, to know how long the event or promotion lasts.

screenshot from the instagram reminders dashboard

The important information is that Instagram automatically adjusts the reminder according to the follower's time zone, so you don't have to worry about that. Everyone will be notified when needed. After all settings, a notification icon will appear in the left corner of the post.

Followers can click on the icon to view the details of the event, and to get notified, you need to click on Remind me.

screenshot of instagram reminders

If you forgot something important in the name of the notification or want to change the time, everything can be changed later, without any problems.

In one of the following texts, we will write about how Instagram reminder can be used in marketing and business promotion on Instagram-u.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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